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How does gloves make grip worse?

I started deadlifting with gloves now, and I notice that it becomes harder to grip the barbell with gloves. Is this because of the gloves or did I injur something? I searched online and some posts 1 ...
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How to increase pull up bar hanging time

I have a pull up bar at home. I could hang at most 10 seconds as of now. There are two issues It starts paining Callus I tried putting a towel/hand glove but it feels like I lose the grip. The grip ...
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What harm does it do if a bodybuilder wears no gloves when working out at a gym?

I am a novice bodybuilder. I naturally have had a dislike for wearing gloves in spite of the fact many veteran bodybuilders have recommended I buy and wear them. I am still ambivalent about whether a ...
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Weight lifting gloves with straps between fingers

I recently purchased some (different to my usual) weight lifting gloves with extra padding on the palm, really for doing tricep dips on bars. Between the fingers are some straps, so the first two ...
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How to prevent blisters on plam during normal excercises such as dumb bells

I normally lift dumb bells of about 7-8 kg(5 sets with 10 each) and later do pull-ups (2 sets of 25 with a gap in between)and later the chest press(2 sets of 25 with upto 20 kgs).Although in all these ...
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12 votes
5 answers

Effects of wearing gloves

I just purchased a pull up bar and a set of dumbbells. From what I've read there are people who wear gloves at the gym and some don't. What are the effects and reasons of wearing gloves? Are there ...
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Wraps or gloves for speed bag training?

I always did my speed bag training with wraps and never had a problem, but they are kind of a hassle to deal with in between workouts. I recently saw some speed bag gloves which seem like an ideal ...
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3 answers

How to prevent gym gloves stench?

After using my gloves for a while, they begin to stink. I don't try to launder them too much as it's wrecking them. I have had those for 2 years already, and they're still usable. I don't want to ...
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