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How NOT to be Afraid of Using Glute-Ham Raise (GHR) Machine

Some background: I've been into bodybuilding for a few years, but only 2 months ago I started to go to a proper gym with a proper trainer. For a full-month my trainer checked me up of my muscles, ...
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How can I keep fit whilst having tendonopathy in my glute?

I have tendonopathy in both my glutes but especially my right one. If I can’t do running for a while and Bigg impact things, how do I keep fit and still do cardio? Can I do any HIiT workouts still? I ...
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Cue to do posteriorly tilt pelvis for in hip thrust

I am watching some hip thrust tutorial, and a cue that is said is to posteriorally tilt the pelvis when donig the movement. For some reason, I can't figure out how to do this. Could someone give me a ...
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Gluteus Medius doesn't feel like it is doing the work?

I'm currently trying to train my gluteus medius in order to provide a more stable stance while squatting. My knees feel kind of wobbly while doing such motions and I read that this would help. To ...
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