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A goal is a target you strive to reach.

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Maximum bench press

I am 6'2, currently 87kg and have been training consistently for 18 month now. My 1 rep max for bench press is 115kg. What is a reasonable lifetime goal for max bench press for a natural lifter such ...
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Determine realistic training goals for a set period of time?

When training in the gym, I rarely ever set myself (longterm) goals for my lifts. Or when I do, I most certainly don't reach them, what demotivates me. Is there a good way or method to determine ...
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I'am at my goal, now what?

After someone has reached their fitness goal, how should their workout and nutrition plan be altered if they no longer wish to lose weight or build additional muscles? please tell me about this ........
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Help and Tips needing for workout plan

I am currently 15 years old. I am 6' tall and I weigh 157 pounds. I am not fat however I am not comfortable with my shirt off because of my unappealing, "skinny-fat" stomach and chest. My goal is to ...
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Good reasons to exercise [closed]

I'm in high school. I want to get better at gymnastics because I'm jealous of a kid in my class. So far I've made solid gymnastics-wise progress for ~5 weeks. I wanted to run a 1500 in ~5 minutes ...
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Should I tell people about my fitness goals for better accountability?

I have heard that by telling people about my goals I am more likely to achieve them. Is this true?
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Stick with progressing rep ranges or switch to small weight increments?

I'd like to keep this question general, but it's rather situational so excuse the extra fluff. At the end of February I finished 6 months of doing Johnny Candito's linear program, control variant. ...
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How do you train for multiple aptitudes?

I've seen this infograph that explains what load, reps, sets etc. you will need to do for each goal or aptitude: But what would you do if your final goal was two of them? Say you wanted to get a lot ...
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Should I include lightweight in my workout if I have an endurance based goal?

So I have goals involving bulking and getting stronger(increasing my bench, squat, curl, etc.), but recently I have put into action a goal to do 100 push ups in a row. Will lifting lighter weights ...
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How badly would lower-than-average testosterone affect strength-only gains?

For males and females. For this example, I am male, so let's focus on males. First of all, assumptions: Muscle size is not important to me. I don't feel as though I have to build muscle to be ...
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Should I change my workout as I get closer to a 5k (or any other short-term goal) when I have a routine that's helping me meet my long-term goals?

I've been working out with the goal of weight loss for about a month and a half now (after falling apart due to circumstances beyond my control for a couple of months) and specifically my first 5k for ...
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Can I be serious about getting into great shape if I have an office job?

I'm a web developer. I spend 5 days a week, 8-10 hours per day in front of my PC in a chair. I want to get in insanely good shape. I don't mean I want to be a little stronger than the average person, ...
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Unplanned Achievement - Lost ~72.8 lbs (33 kg) But Was It The Correct Way Of Doing It? Not Exactly But Lessons Learned!

Before reading further, I want to make the following disclaimer: My casual experience of losing weight documented below is strictly not for everyone and should not be treated as an advice until ...
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Where can I find stretching exercise information where it tells you how far you need to go?

I’ve been reading The Complete Guide to Stretching recently in an effort to help find some solutions to muscle aching problems I have. The hypothesis I’ve been operating under is that I have muscle ...
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What is a reasonable rate of weight loss to work towards?

I often like to set short term goals that don't really work for weight loss. I'm wondering if there is a general principle I should obey like 'lose 1 kilogram per two weeks' - what sort of rate of ...
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Is there a rule of thumb for setting running goals?

I'm pretty new to running and can only run for 2-3 minutes at a time. Is there any rule of thumb I should know of for setting goals? For example, each week run two minutes more or something like that? ...
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