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Gymnastics is an activity involving performance of bodyweight exercises requiring physical strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, balance, and grace.

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Should I lock out my shoulders at the bottom of a pull up?

When I'm doing pull ups, I try to go all the way down until the arms are straight, but I do not lock out my shoulders. Recently, I thought in order to get a greater ROM, it might be a good idea to ...
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Safe training regime to work towards center and front splits

I want to improve my flexiblity to be able to to center and front splits. Is there any safe exercise program to follow which will lead me to this goal? During the week I have time to stretch for 10 ...
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Wide grip pull-ups vs "normal" pull-ups

What is the purpose why people do wide grip pull ups? I know that these pull-ups are harder, but I would like to know why. Are there different muscle groups being stressed? Or is a wide grip pull-up ...
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bodyweight leg exercises for strength/hypertrophy

I'm doing upper body bodyweight strength training (gymnastics stuff) for a while now, and would like to incorporate some leg exercises into my training. I'm looking for 1-2 good compound exercises ...
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Name of gymnastics move (or variation)

I've been looking into gymnastics and calisthenics moves recently and came across this video of this guy doing some sort of front vertical one-handed lever? I have never seen this anywhere else and I'...
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Are there any advantages of round gymnastic rings over flattened?

There are round rings and similar (plastic too), but flattened at the botom. Seems obvious that second ones should be more convenient for hand, but still people mostly use round for some reason.
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Progressing into iron cross

I'm wondering how one can progess into an iron cross. My shoulders are strong enough for stuff like handstands, muscle-ups and human flag, but this movement is very different. I'm wondering what kind ...
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Shoulder Rod Stretch, Trying to gain flexibility and reached a limit

I am doing the following shoulder rod dislocation stretch. I seemed to have reached a cap on how far I can put my hands together. Right now they are 40 inches apart, at 30 degree from vertical. I was ...
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