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Is it possible to measure calorie burn from heart rate alone?

I have a Polar heart rate monitor chest strap, and a compatible Android phone on which I can run a number of different apps for recording my heart rate. My primary interest is in how many calories I ...
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Continuous heart rate monitor [closed]

I'd like to monitor my heartrate throughout the day, and do some analysis/visualisation of the data myself. As such, I'm hoping to find something that meets the following requirements: Must-have: ...
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5 votes
3 answers

What should I be looking for in a heart rate monitor?

What are the most important points I should look for in a heart rate monitor? I am looking at only using it when I work out (so not a fitbit, etc for sleep). I want a hrm and not just a glorified ...
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Heart rate monitoring for crossfit

I am interested to see how my heart rate responds while I'm doing Crossfit workouts. I'm not interested in seeing my heart rate during workouts, but more post-hoc to see what the profile was, and to ...
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RunKeeper fails to pick up my heart rate

I bought the "Polar WearLink hert rate sensor with Bluetooth" in order to monitor my heart rate when running. I paired it successfully with my Android. But Runkeeper doesn't show a heart rate, ...
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What fitness trackers work well for cyclist?

What fitness trackers work well for cyclists? It must also support jogging, walking and other exercise, but cycling is essential. While there are heaps of 'reviews' of these things, I can't find much ...
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