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3 answers

How reliable is this study for the relationship between heart rate and calories burned?

I am talking specifically about a paper called Prediction of energy expenditure from heart rate monitoring during submaximal exercise. It states that within the narrow range of 90-150 bpm, there is a ...
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(How) Can I use pulse as a fitness measure?

According to wikipedia The pulse rate can be used to check overall heart health and fitness level. Generally lower is better ... Thus I could use my pulse, as a measurement of my fitness. However,...
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Why does my heart rate become much more elevated only AFTER a hard effort?

I've noticed a recurring pattern when I do sustained hard runs in which my heart rate increases in an expected, gradual way during a hard bout (e.g., running uphill for an hour or doing a 30-min set ...
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What is my target training heart-rate?

What is my target training heart-rate? I'm 32 M 184 lbs. My Resting HR is 76. My Maximum HR is 156.
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2 answers

Why do elite cyclists seem to have higher VO2 max tham elite marathon runners?

For example, Chris Froome's VO2 max was 84.6. Some were at least 90! While marathon runners seem to fall between ...
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How much does a resting pulse normally vary?

This question asked about using pulse as a measure of fitness. Resting pulse seems like a nice, simple way to do this. But I find that my resting pulse varies by a huge amount, from values as low as ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Is my heart rate too high to run?

I recently joined a gym, with the sole purpose of getting fit. In my induction I had a checkup and had a resting heart-rate of 99. After a few months I'm down to 64, which is far more normal of course....
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Why does my pace improve during a low heart rate (HRR zone 2) 10k?

Note: This doesn't seem to be a warm-up issue, see the updates at the bottom. I've recently incorporated 80:20 training into my routine and try to keep within heart rate (reserve) zone 2 for a lot of ...
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Heart rate monitoring for crossfit

I am interested to see how my heart rate responds while I'm doing Crossfit workouts. I'm not interested in seeing my heart rate during workouts, but more post-hoc to see what the profile was, and to ...
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Why does my RHR rise every day after a strength workout?

I measure my resting heart rate every morning before turning out of bed. The day after a demanding strength workout I find it has risen as compared with the day before. I had thought it was merely a ...
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Can heart rate comparison over time estimate heart muscle growth?

As far as I know, the intensive cardio workouts over a long period of time cause heart growth. The heart muscle is bigger and can pump more blood with one heart beat, allowing the same effort with ...
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