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What are the authentic Heart Rate Zones?

Every app and device have now have their own heart rate zones, they are so wildly different, and it seems no one went to the detail to explain the differences. For instance the traditional 50/60/70% ...
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aerobic exercise in hot weather

Is it bad to do aerobic exercise in the heat ? It seems to me that the whole point of aerobic exercise is to load your heart. Heat does that - it requires your heart to pump extra blood to your ...
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Using Google Fit - If I get my heart points (from cycling), should I care about getting my steps in?

Just started using Google Fit. I cycle fairly regularly, and quickly hit my target heart points per week - but I'm rarely hitting my steps goals per day. Does this matter? If I'm getting my exercise ...
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How can I interpret Ergometry results?

The information that I found was limited to interpreting the maximum METs reading, however ergometry results contain also HR in every stage and much more. What can I learn from this fitnesswize? So ...
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Karvonen's formula gives higher target heart rates for deconditioned individuals. How can it make any sense from a health perspective?

Notation: T = Target heart rate M = Maximum heart rate R = Resting heart rate I = Intensity (a number between 0 and 1) Karvonen's formula: T = (M – R) × I + R which is equivalent to T = M × I + R × ...
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Max HR not reached

I’m 5’6. 54kg. Do HIIT 4x week & spin/combat 2x week. My Max HR (220-45=175bpm) but I NEVER reach it. Ever! My RHR is 44-45bpm. VO2max is 48.9. I push myself to absolute max but I just don’t get ...
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Body building is sore, slow, and needs rest, but the heart doesn't. Why?

I have a question about heart muscle rebuild after high intensity cardio. I wonder if it is a proper question in this forum. If you think not, please kindly tell me where it should be. Building muscle ...
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Temporary drop in heart rate 2 minutes into a run, every run

I've been tracking my heart rate while running and have noticed that, every single run, my heart beat has a small, but noticeable, drop between 1:50 and 2:10 minutes into the run (after stretching and ...
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Running, Riding a bike and hard leg workout (each activity being done once time a week): is it sufficient to enhance my cardio?

Monday: I work out legs with horizontal legs press, squat, romanian deadlift, kind of lunges with the tractions assistance machine, legs extensions and legs curl (almost 2 hours, but it's only one ...
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What lifting does science advise for a middle-aged man with a family history of heart disease?

People lift for many reasons: to add muscle or to lose weight. Ignoring those reasons, what does science say about lifting for longevity? I'm a runner, I've been going to the gym for a year to two, ...
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Is working in orchard like workout in gym?

I have recently bought an small orchard and I work there time to time. Like shoveling pruning etc. Is this good for my health and muscles like gym? My purpose is not to build big muscles. I just ...
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Why does one person have lots of stamina and another doesn't?

I'm a bit of a couch potato with a sedentary job, who normally gets out of breath walking up a few flights of stairs. I recently walked up Snowdon in North Wales (10 mile round trip, 1100m summit, ...
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Is low intensity cardio the only way to induce an increase in stroke volume?

For the guys versed in endurance training, it is now clear that low intensity steady state cardio brings one key adaptation that HIIT is not able to : an increase in the heart stroke volume (also ...
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Is Whey Protein Bad For the Heart

Since the heart contains muscles....does taking whey protein increase the muscle size of the heart thus increasing the weight of the is it bad for health?
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Training in HR Zone 5

I am sure this question has done the rounds, so pardon me if I regurgitate an old topic, but today I did my usual cycling time trial (steep hill), and broke my PB. I then checked my HR stats and my ...
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Will exercising decrease the heart lifespan?

I have heard that the heart, as an organ, has a limited number of heartbeats and by doing exercise you will decrease its lifespan. I know that exercising itself its healthy for the heart but is it ...
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What is Limiting Factor in Running Fast? [closed]

Say a person can do a 400m run in 1:00, but is unable to do a 1600m in 4:00. What is most likely the main limiting factor in this? What is holding back being able to keep going at this pace for longer?...
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HIIT vs steady state: long term health effects

Most articles nowadays seem to favor High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) compared to Steady State Cardio (SS), for various reasons like faster fat loss and getting higher levels of cardio fitness ...
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what device will give a history of heart rate (not just current indicator) by the minute

This is a research project on myself actually. I'm already physically active, run half and full marathons, and am involved in dance and Ultimate Frisbee. BP is good and so is HR. But I'd like to ...
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Max heart rate: is it bad to train in Zone 5 for 30 mins?

I recently got a heart rate monitor and have been trying to beat my time each week on the exercise bike. I'd say I'm in pretty good shape. During the 30 mins workout I am in zone 5, with an average ...
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Redline heart rate running

Just started to use HRT monitor on runtastic. My max heart rate I think should be 179. I am 41 and my resting HR is 45. Just ran 15k this morning and according to the data I was in redline (defined as ...
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Is omlette better for the heart than a boiled egg? [closed]

As per this article, the egg yolk (yellow) contains substantial amount of cholesterol while the white contains an insignificant amount of cholesterol. When we prepare omlette, I believe some amount ...
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What are the dangers of starting cardio as an overweight 25 year old male?

I live a sedentary life. 12 hours+ on the computer, as its my job and I am a gamer. Lately I have been fed up with this lifestyle and have decided to make gradual changes to a healthier state. I ...
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Is it normal to have heart palpitations in colder weather? [closed]

I am moderately active, normal blood pressure, fairly average weight and build. I've noticed that when I'm running in cold weather, about 5-10 minutes into my run I start to get what feel like heart ...
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Can I use a heart monitor overnight to determine my resting heart rate?

Last night I wore my heart rate monitor while sleeping to determine what my resting heart rate was. This morning I checked and the lowest my heart was beating was 48 bpm and the max was 100 bpm, the ...
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