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aerobic exercise in hot weather

Is it bad to do aerobic exercise in the heat ? It seems to me that the whole point of aerobic exercise is to load your heart. Heat does that - it requires your heart to pump extra blood to your ...
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Can running in hot-humid climate have dangerous health consequences with respect to age?

background info I've been running twice a week, ever since I was 17 years old (currently in my 30's). Running always takes place outside (never in a gym or an air-conditioned space). I run in most ...
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Does temperature have more of an impact on longer runs?

Does the impact of temperature on running performance increase with distance? This would mean something like for a 5k maybe a decrease of 3% in avg pace but for a half marathon a decrease of 8% avg ...
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How much harder is it to burn calories in hot weather?

I make walks to try to keep a little fit and to burn calories/fat. At a temperature of about 16°C I can walk 10K in just above 2 hrs with almost no rest and not being excessively tired afterwards. I ...
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Mysterious body mass gain: could it be water storage due to heat adaption?

Over the past two weeks, I've noticed about a 3-4 pound gain in body mass, without any noticeable change in appearance (like muscle definition, or what veins are visible where). I do seem to have the ...
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How can I improve my heat tolerance, including increasing the amount that I sweat? [duplicate]

I grew up in Lousiana and couldn't do anything physical from about May to thru Sept. I live in southwest virginia and it's not nearly as humid and I still get overheadt mountain biking in 80F weather....
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