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2 answers

How to get taller [closed]

I am 14 years old and only 155 cm my mother is 150 cm and my father is 170 how can I get taller I am going to the gym and I am afraid of stopping to get taller because of weight lifting and If it ...
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2 answers

How to adjust weights to my short stature?

TLDR: I'm significantly shorter than an average man. How should I (or Should I) take this into account when choosing my weights? I'm an absolute beginner who has recently started exercising with ...
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1 answer

Do Growth plates determine height [duplicate]

Having checked other SE answers and ongoing through one of the answers here, I got to know that fusion of growth plates determine the height. Does that mean that someone's growth plates have not ...
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2 answers

Can I get taller at 17? [closed]

I am a 17 year old (turned 17 this feb) teenage boy who is only 5'5" ish tall.. Well to be honest I think it's a little bit over 5'4.5".. But I tell everyone that I'm 5'6". As you might have guessed, ...
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1 answer

Height and ability to gain muscle mass

I was reading this post and I came up with a question that was not asked in it. In particular, I wondered if taller people have the ability to gain more muscle in the same amount of time than ...
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Increasing height by at most 4 inches [duplicate]

I am 17 and I'm 5'6". What are the steps to increase height by at most 4 inches? Is there any way?
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2 votes
1 answer

Increasing height by back/neck straightening exercises? [duplicate]

Is it possible that an adult could add height (or rather appear taller) by posture correcting exercises? Besides Wall Angel exercise and stretching exercises, what would help? How much could this ...
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