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Other than for related strength gain, why might abdominal / lower back hypertrophy be desired in both Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting?

I'm going through Everett's Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide For Athletes & Coaches . The following quotes from the chapter Programming & Training caused me to think on the matter of ...
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Replacing top poly exercises because of herniated discs

I have herniated discs at the bottom of my back. I can't do OHP, or even horizontal unilateral dumbells rowing from now. I can't do kettlebell flexion of my top body for side abs for example. I think ...
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What do I do to prevent hernias?

I am very interested in lifting weights but I have had an inguinal hernia about 8 month ago and even though I am back to lifting I really fear pushing myself to limits because I don't want a recursion....
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