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Can weighted pull-up and dips lead to lower back problems?

I've read that doing weighted pull-up and dips with weight using straps can lead to hernia and lower back problems. (specifically damaging intervertebral disc and pressuring femoral artery(with ...
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is there any need to wear LANGOT(Loin Cloth) while doing gym workout

Here in India, lot of people doing workout in gym wear LANGOT(Loin Cloth or Drawers or Nappy), e.g. They say that if they don't wear it, they will suffer from Hernia. I have joined gym some days ...
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Other than for related strength gain, why might abdominal / lower back hypertrophy be desired in both Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting?

I'm going through Everett's Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide For Athletes & Coaches . The following quotes from the chapter Programming & Training caused me to think on the matter of ...
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Herniated disc prohibits squats. What are alternative exercises?

I have a herniated disc...I went to doctor and told me that I could still lift weights as long as I don't do squats because of all the pressure that compress at the disc. What is a another ...
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Avoiding hernia

Are there any precautions for avoiding hernia when performing weightlifting? When doing exercises at the preacher curl bench, it feels as if my organs are strained. Can weightlifting belts aid in ...
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Indirect inguinal and gym? Can it be done? [closed]

So I was informed by the doctor today by checking the ultrasound results that I got Indirect Inguinal hernia. He also informed me that it is a really small one and I do not need to make an operation. ...
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Preventing Hernia During Major Lifts

My workout regimen involves the three major lifts (squat, deadlift, bench). I do not squat very heavy (not more than 400 lbs), so I do not use a belt. In all lifts, I focus on keeping a tight core and ...
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What is the best way to strengthen your abs?

I have hiatus hernia and lumbar hernia so the doctor forbade me to do situps. Is there a way to work my abs, having these conditions? Thanks.
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Replacing top poly exercises because of herniated discs

I have herniated discs at the bottom of my back. I can't do OHP, or even horizontal unilateral dumbells rowing from now. I can't do kettlebell flexion of my top body for side abs for example. I think ...
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Is there any workout exercise for reducing belly fat/increasing abs strength which can be done without hurting Spine or lower back? [duplicate]

Please provide some information on some abs workout which can be done at home preferably without using equipment, and they are not harmful to spine/back/abdomen and are safe to do without trainer ...
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What do I do to prevent hernias?

I am very interested in lifting weights but I have had an inguinal hernia about 8 month ago and even though I am back to lifting I really fear pushing myself to limits because I don't want a recursion....
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