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Refers to the exercise done at home.

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Training muscles for scuba diving

I'm a keen trail runner, and when scuba diving you're using only your legs to propel, so in theory everything should be fine. However, I'm getting cramps and I need to move slowly to prevent them. It ...
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How to evaluate stationary bicycle resistance

I would like to understand how to evaluate the resistance range of a stationary bicycle before buying online, as I have maxed out the resistance on my current one. All of the bicycles I see online ...
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Order of exercise in full body workout routine

I do full body workouts from home on alternate days, and I was wondering if there is a particular order to target specific muscle groups of the body. I usually go from bottom to top as in, legs first, ...
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One hundred breaths exercise

Following this named one hundred breaths exercise. I would like to know what is its sources? Is it Tai Chi? Is there a tutorial that explains how to do it step by step and what is its benefits?
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Kickboxing workout structure

What is a good way to structure home kickboxing workouts? I have a punching bag and protective gear and am technically and physically capable of doing most punches and kicks. I am going to start ...
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How can I set up gymnastic rings?

I am a gymnastics beginner who doesn't want to join a club, nor do I have rings, or a bar for pull-ups, front lever (progressions). However I do have paralletes. I was wondering they cheapest, ...
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Hanging knee raises on Short pull-up bar/ form

I am curious how to do hanging knee raises on a short pull up bar in a home gym. I've read that although your arms are engaged, they should be extended. Naturally even a pull-up bar at 7 feet high ...
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Is there any smart compact rower?

Is there any compact rower that can sync with MyFitnessPal? so one could keep track of rowing distance and calories burnt everyday?
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How much floor space does a basic multigym need?

I'm setting up a dedicated home gym in a room about 4x3.5m (13x12' approx) with a high ceiling. I'm interested in a multigym and two cardio machines (bike+x-trainer) but how much space does a multigym ...
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