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Does sequential position of squats and deadlifts within a workout effect the hormonal benefit?

Folks like Charters William are fond of saying that squats and deadlifts are vital for natural body builders due to their function of stimulating testosterone and other muscle building hormone ...
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Can resistance training change your skeleton shape?

I have noticed many weight trainers, including myself, have quite broad shoulders. Is this an illusion due to added muscle, or is this truly a change in skeletal shape? I do not have a 'control' to ...
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1 vote
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Does overtraining cause an initial increase in testosterone levels in men?

I'm a mid-twenties fairly athletic male and I typically exercise on a regular basis. One an average week, I will olympic lift ~3-4 times and play various sports (surf, volleyball, jiu jitsu, etc.) a ...
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2 answers

Natural ways to "enhance" your results?

Often people say that the only "real" way to see "real results" is with AAS/PEDs. I disagree. There have to be various other ways to improve things like muscle synthesis; improve satellite cell ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Sexual arousal to speed up recovery?

Is it a viable post-workout method to make one's self sexually aroused for prolonged periods of time? Studies show that sexual arousal increases test. in both males and females and etc. I assume this ...
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Does training of some major muscles groups enhance overall muscle growth?

There is a popular (e.g. link 1, link 2) theory, that is, if you train big muscle groups (e.g. legs, chest), it will increase the overall growth of muscles all over the body; the trained muscle will ...
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How can the CNS possibly need recovery after a strength workout?

In the last days I have read here and there some comments about CNS (central nervous system) fatigue produced by heavy lifting, and about allowing recovery for the CNS, not only the muscles. It does ...
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Should I care about Low Testosterone? [closed]

My doctor wants to start some testosterone treatments on me because he says my levels are too low (they are 231 ng/dL and he said it should be between 348 to 1197). The question I have is, given that ...
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5 votes
4 answers

Less sleep the night before, in order to sleep more the night after a strength workout

I know about the importance of good sleep after strength workouts, due to the release of growth hormone during deep sleep. No matter how hard I try, my body refuses to sleep more than 6 hours. Going ...
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How badly would lower-than-average testosterone affect strength-only gains?

For males and females. For this example, I am male, so let's focus on males. First of all, assumptions: Muscle size is not important to me. I don't feel as though I have to build muscle to be ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Why are female steroid-using bodybuilders less muscular than male ones?

Given that steroids and growth hormone etc. are taken by both male and female bodybuilders, why are the male bodybuilders always more muscular? Presumably women's doses aren't lower than men's. Also, ...
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1 answer

What should I do to get a clear reading on testosterone?

I'm taking a testosterone test via blood on Monday for free and total testosterone. I'm wondering, is there anything I should do or not do prior to taking the test to get the best and clearest reading?...
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When is the best time of day to work out in order to take advantage of hormonal cycles?

Lately I've been hearing a lot about hormonal cycles and how they change throughout the day. From what I've heard, testosterone seems to be lowest in the afternoon and highest in the morning and ...
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