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Does being sick affect creatine? [closed]

I am fairly new to creatine (on my 3rd week) and I am starting to get a cold. Not from taking creatine but undoubtedly from my 3 children. Should I continue taking creatine if I am sick? I won't be ...
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Decide whether to workout in a particular day

I'm a college student and I would like to start exercising. I used to run a lot back in middle school and high school, but I stopped in college. The primary reason is that my typical day in college ...
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Back to the gym after ilness

I was ill, a flu, or other infection. I know that I had to suspend training sessions. This time it was 2 weeks, so nothing really special. It happens to me from time to time, and usually 2-3 weeks are ...
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Can losing weight from diarrhea affect chest muscles?

So I recently lost like 2 kg from diarrhea and now I notice that my chest isn't pumped up anymore (or my tummy has swollen from the diarrhea) I also haven't been able to exercise for 2 weeks (before ...
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What are some abdominal exercises for a person with lack of a left iliac crest, left gluteal muscles, and scoliosis? [closed]

I've had a history with cancer, leaving me with no left iliac crest and minimal left gluteal muscles. Due to the surgery I have scoliosis as well. I am 20 years old and want to take care of myself ...
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Exercising in the gym and asthma

i'm a 23 years old male with asthma ( the main allergens being dust and acaris).My condition has been quite stable for some years now since i don't get attacks at all and i can pretty much function ...
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Effective cardio regimen for someone Ehlers-Danlos (hypermobility & arthritis) + bad IT band problems

I am terribly frustrated at being unable to effectively work out, and am hoping to get some solid advice as most physiotherapists and trainers don't seem to be well equipped to cope with my ...
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Concerned after many squats and suddenly felt sick / super-sleepy / light-headed for 1 whole hour?

Heavy sickness and tiredness and distant/faint feeling lasted one whole hour - feeling a little faint is normal for squats on a heavy weight obviously, but slightly concerned about length of time this ...
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What can I do to breathe well? [closed]

I suffer anxiety attacks sometimes and it hurts when I can't stop crying and I feel it's hard to breathe. Lately I can't breathe well and I don't know what to do. My doctor said it is for the anxiety ...
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Weight lifting always leading to illness

For about a year now I've been doing the StrongLifts 5x5 weight lifting program. It was about 6 months in that I started to have to pause occasionally while I got over a minor cold - I thought it was ...
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How do I get back into exercise after illness

I used to train a few times a week, just cardio like running or cycling, so I was in decent shape. I then tried to cycle to work when my car broke down (about 8 miles of lanes). About half way I got ...
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Why do I get lactic acid build up at lower threshholds on different days?

I'm a climber, so I'm talking specifically about forearms. I train regularly and have been for years, so I'm pretty familiar with how my body responds. As I understand it, the "pumped" sensation in ...
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How to proceed with StrongLifts after illness

I've been doing StrongLifts for about a month now, but managed to catch the flu this week. Been horizontal for roughly a week. How should I proceed? Start from scratch? Move on to the next exercise ...
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Do I lose muscle or fat if I don't eat for 5 days?

Due to an injury followed by a stomach virus, I drank a lot (coke, iced tea, and water) but hardly ate anything for 5 days. Now, my weight has dropped by 3 lbs. I feel like I lost muscle mass. ...
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Should you still exercise when sick?

Should one continue to exercise even when you are sick? I know it may depend on the sickness, so I am specifically asking about minor things like a cold or fever? Are there chronic sicknesses ...
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17 votes
4 answers

Should you run with a cold?

I am six weeks away form my first marathon and the last two and half weeks of training have been badly affected as i have been suffering with a bad winter cold. I am still coughing fairly regularly ...
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