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Does a protein intake-induced Glucagon rise keep regulating lipolysis? [closed]

“Also, glucagon (0.01 and 1 nM) dose-dependently increased basal and isoproterenol-stimulated lipolysis up to 3.7- and 1.7-fold, respectively, compared to control. In addition, glucagon did not change ...
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How much keto (low carb) diet when combined with protein intake is likely to hamper muscle growth?

I am 37 years old male, recently went on the keto diet for 3 months and lost ~13 kg (but still have a way to go), to sustain the gains I started working out to gain more muscles and increase my ...
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Does the body's insulin response change during exercise?

Lots of people will tell you that if you eat too much sugar you will get a blood sugar peak and then a corresponding drop due to the production of insulin, leaving you low in energy and craving more ...
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