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3 answers

When should and shouldn't one train to failure?

I do daily home workouts with two sets per exercise. I perform both sets to failure. Moreover, once I've reached failure, I squeeze for several seconds before I give myself time to pant. What I like ...
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Low intensity excercise (6 month goal)

I do feel I can commit to my current low intensity workout for a prolonged period if not the rest of my life (my body willing). My previous attempts were to inconsistent, but only because I was doing ...
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High heart rate but not winded

I'm 31 and in decent shape, but I also have pretty bad exercise asthma. Normally, when I work out, especially running and other cardio stuff, my breath-fitness tops out when I'm getting around 170-...
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2 answers

How to keep stamina for intense long duration workouts

I am a hard core gymer. I work out 2hrs a day at a single stretch. However I am unable to keep the intensity of the workouts halfway. I mean not being able to maintain the vigour and stamina with ...
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How to find music at 60/90/180 bpm to sync with exercise? [closed]

I follow the recommendation that it's good practice to run with a close to 170/180 bpm pace, at any speed (slow or fast). That is, when running you should be hitting the floor around 180 times per ...
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Wheelchair users (including levers-powered) and losing weight [closed]

Is it harder for people in wheelchairs to lose weight? The weight poses an extreme hazard to the cardiovascular system, in many cases. What can be done about it? Diet obviously plays a key, but if you ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Benefits of Overhead KB Walks

Can someone explain to me cumulative benefits of the following: Friend and I went for a Saturday walk at a park. We each had a kettle bells and they weighed 35lbs and 55lbs respectively. The track ...
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3 answers

arm muscle size not increasing

A few months ago, my triceps starting showing. I've been regularly going to gym and my diet consist of protein, carbs and veggies (broccoli) and follow "Rule of third" 1/3 of protein, 1/3 of carbs and ...
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2 answers

How often to train to get muscle mass

I know this is a frequently asked question and it has a a lot of answers on various websites. However, I couldn't get a specific answer for my routine! I'm interested in bodyweight training and I was ...
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1 answer

Metabolic Equivalancies

From what I've read, the MET for moderate intensity activities is between 3 and 6, walking 3 mph being 3.3 for example. It seems to me that this number must vary from person to person. Is there a ...
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4 answers

Intensity of daily cycling to and from work

I cycle daily (five days a week) to and from work. It is not far, 9 km each way, and takes me 20-25 minutes, depending on direction and intensity. If I cycle with full intensity, my legs are quite ...
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1 answer

Which variables are used in modern training equipment in order to calculate training intensity/effectivity?

There are lots of products in the market which targets individuals who want to be more aware/in control of their training. The most common and classic of such instruments are pulse sensors, either as ...
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