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5 answers

Importance of Rest Days

Why are rest days important? When the weather permits, I jog (or otherwise work-out) every day, but people often tell me I should not, because rest days are important. What is the rationale behind ...
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Is there any benefit of "real" running outdoors vs running on a treadmill in gym?

I'm a lazy person, so running while staying in the same place appeals to me. Are there any benefits to running outside worth considering, besides aesthetics and feeling the wind in your hair?
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Is it safe to do jogging on asphalt?

I do jogging every day in the morning. I have a river near my house with an asphalt (bitumen) road along it. I heard, that people ruin their knees and acquire hernias on such surface. Unfortunately i ...
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Improve breathing and increase lung capacity

Whenever jogging for long distances after some time I feel my breathing is quite laboured. The only solution is to slow down my pace for a while before proceeding. I have checked with my GP and I don'...
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Calculate burned calories (Running) without heart rate [duplicate]

I need some formulae to calculate the burned calories for jogging. The information I have would be: gender, weight, age, pace (speed), fractional grade, and time. What I have now is the following ...
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Breakfast before or after jogging?

Provided that I'm not hungry, should I eat breakfast before or after a 30-minutes morning jog? Update: There are many answers detailing opinions -- thanks! If someone could supply evidence supporting ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Is 10,10,10 as good as 30?

My problem: For aerobic exercise, my target heart rate is 120. I aim to exercise at that level for say 30 minutes per day. Now, if I "walk as hard as possible" I only get to about 100, 105. ...
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What should I eat or drink before jogging?

I'm planning to run at least 5 times a week with the aim to lose weight and improve my overall health. Now I want to know how should prepare myself with regards to eating and drinking to get the most ...
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4 answers

What risks from fitness are there to people with myopia?

I have a myopia and my eye glasses are usually from -3 to -4 diopters. I jog every morning on an asphalt covering (see my question) and do kickboxing, and in the next year i plan to start lifting ...
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Training schedule for 10KM running

I've running for a year target for 10km, however, I never able to run 10km without taking many breaks. Usually I need to break on every 1km or 2km, I don't follow any schedule but I know there is ...
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HRM that shows time-in-zone?

Does anyone know of a heart rate monitor that specifically does this: Say your target HR is a given band or zone, perhaps 115-125. I want a display that shows total elapsed time, inside, that zone. ...
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2 answers

How can i burn fat without losing weight?

I am 21 years old 1.75m and like 64.5kg. and started doing kickboxing 3 days a week for 4 months now. Kickboxing contains endurance and strength training nearly for the whole body. I didn't do ...
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