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Questions tagged [jump-rope]

About jumping (skipping) rope, regardless of equipment (speed rope, heavy rope).

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3 answers

Is jumping rope really classified as low-impact?

I'm always on the lookout for new low-impact cardio exercises. I read that jumping rope is not that high impact on the knees. This seemed counterintuitive, but it might make sense: you only jump 1-2&...
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What limits your jump rope routine?

I'm a 115lbs 35-year old male and I've recently put aside my weight training to focus on cardio. I've always jumped rope to warm up but now I'm really trying to focus on it and I've noticed something.....
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How to prevent my ankles from banging against each other while skipping rope?

I recently bought a jump rope, and while I haven't gotten around to properly exercising with it, I did a few test runs to test the length. Each time I would jump about 30 seconds or so. I've noticed ...
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Calories burnt while rope jumping?

How many calories are burnt during a rope jumping exercise? How can we calculate the amount of calories burnt? I am performing 100 rope skips in around 7-8 minutes and doing 1000 rope skips in total.
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5 votes
2 answers

What surface is ideal for jumping rope outdoors?

I bought a Rogue jump rope with steel cables, but found that none of the ceilings in my house are high enough for jump rope. There are some products for sale marketed as jump rope mats, but they are ...
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Using a speed rope?

So I found a speed rope, those really light jump ropes in my garage, and I need to exercise, so I took it in my house. I went on YouTube, but it seemed there were only tutorials using a heavy rope and ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Should I jump rope even though I suffer from flat feet?

I have flat feet. I don't think it's that severe though. It was my leg day a couple of days back and I did squats, lunges, exntensions, curls and some rope jumps. However, today, my left knee hurts. ...
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Thick/Jumbo Jump Ropes?

Does anyone have experience with a polydac jumprope? They seem to range from 1 inch to 2 inches and from 2 lb to 7 lb? I'm used to using a standard and speed jump rope, but these look like an ...
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Indoor jump rope as a temporary supplement for long-distance running?

Due to very bad smog situation that will last at least couple of weeks, I can't go running outside. I was thinking I could supplement long distance running by some jump rope excercises at home. I am ...
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What should I look for in a jump rope?

When browsing around the various articles linked in answers here, I keep stumbling over rope jumping in articles or blog post. I was never good at rope jumping, at least that's what I thought. ...
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Benefits of jogging/running versus rope skipping

I looked up this thread which says that jumping rope is good for overall bodily health: What is a jump rope good for? Also, I have seen and heard about the benefits of jogging/running. I am NOT ...
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18 votes
3 answers

What is a jump rope good for?

I have a jump rope, and my pulse sure goes up while jumping. But what am I exercising exactly?
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3 answers

Why do my legs hurt while jumping rope?

I used to skip in the past, but always ended up stopping after a week when I could no longer handle the pain in the lower legs, i.e. knees, shins, feet. Looking at these diagrams from ...
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