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A versatile exercise tool that has a handle, corner(s), horn(s), window, and bell that varies in weight. The tool can be used for strength, endurance, power, mobility, and so much more.

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Fitness app advice? [closed]

StackExchange, I'm new here and have spent the past hour searching the site for potential answers to my question, to no avail. I did find this list of fitness apps: Creating a compendium of fitness ...
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2 answers

What is behind the (apparently) recent kettlebell craze?

I've never heard of kettlebells until the last couple of years. It seems that they've kind of exploded recently, and a ton of people are extolling the virtues of these things. I've heard that they ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Kettlebell hurting my wrist

Swings and Get ups. I've been using kettlebells for a couple of years, but have not really done very much more than the swing, or used anything more than 16kg. The swing doesn't have the kettlebell ...
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5 votes
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Incorporating kettlebell exercises into an existing workout plan

I've been working through Ripptoe's Starting Strength and Practical Programming books and training schedule, mostly aiming for basic fitness and building muscle mass. My current workout is mostly ...
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3 votes
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What are the target muscles of kettlebell swings

I have got access to a pair of kettlebells (12 & 16 kg). Can anyone please let me know what are the target muscles while swinging? I hope they workout the gluteus and the hamstring.
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Measure performance in kettlebell?

How can I measure my performance and how many calories I burn during swings, high pulls, etc, when exercising with kettlebells? I want to measure how effective I was during training. I am also ...
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