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Questions tagged [knee-pain]

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Is one leg being smaller than the other affecting my squat?

So I’ve been weightlifting for about 6 months now and have osgood schlatters disease (OSD) in my left leg for about 4 years and never notice it anymore only when I bend my knees into a deep position. ...
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Running 21k with a slightly bad knee (ligament damage) - knee sleeve/brace recommendation

Background 25 year old male with a small tear to my MCL on my right knee (at 21 years old). I've done a couple of half marathons since then. I wear a knee sleeve which compresses it and it does help ...
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Leg Training with Patella alta

A few days ago I visited my doctor because I got pain right besides and under my kneecap in the right leg when walking and going up/down stairs (only when extending my leg and only sometimes, it's ...
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Internal left knee pain causing muscles imbalance

I have been doing Tae Bo workout for about one year while having internal left knee injury. Actually,It is not so painful when doing squats or kicks, but I feel the pain when I do leg launches ...
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