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What are post-workout l-glutamine supplementation benefits?

This question excludes all possible benefits for the workout itself or exercise performance. It concerns post workout general well-being. What does glutamine help with when it comes to post-workout ...
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How much glutamine and creatine is good?

I am following Kris Gethin 12 weeks transformation, i have found some downside to it. One being that there is no way of telling how much food portion should i consume, the author says "size of your ...
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Is supplementing with Glutamine beneficial to exercise performance?

What benefits, if any, does Glutamine have on an experienced athlete? Given that the athlete has a balanced diet. In past research, mostly based on, I have come to the conclusion that ...
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Glutamine to increase muscle mass through better recovery

My main goal is to increase muscle mass through strength / heavy lifting. I am considering taking a Glutamine supplement and was wondering if doing so will result in quicker and more complete recovery ...
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Insomnia caused by Glutamine or other Supplements?

I am currently using MRM All Naturall Gainer (image of ingredients) at noon and L-Glutamine 500% DV. in the morning as a supplement for my workout and am experiencing insomnia. I am not sure though if ...
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supplements for building muscle with low level training

Say I just to a little bit of exercise (enough to have some gain), what would be the supplements I should take to maximize gain and minimize pain. I would think Creatine, Glutamine and ALC - Acetyl L-...
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Do creatine and L-glutamine compete for receptors?

A lot of hearsay on bodybuilding forums (as well as "research" published by some supplement companies) suggests that creatine and L-glutamine compete for "receptors" and that taking them together can ...
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Do I need to take creatine and L-glutamine on rest days to maintain a load?

I use creatine and L-glutamine for my workouts, typically taking the L-glutamine about an hour before my workout, and creatine immediately after. (I don't take them together because I understand they ...
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