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How to lose fat only in your thigh?

Let's say I am a pretty skinny guy with a fat thigh. Is it possible to lose fat exclusively in some part of the body? For example, is it possible to lose thigh fat while not losing any weight in my ...
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My legs still ache 3-4 days after legs day

I have been working out for ~6 months and have worked my legs once per week throughout this time, on their own day. My legs, especially my quads, ache to the point of finding it hard to walk, ...
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I'm a casual runner & active human. Do I need to work out my legs + lower body?

I'm 27 and I'm in pretty good shape. I'm getting in even better shape, having signed up for a gym membership a couple months ago for the first time in my life. I've been hitting some free weights, pec ...
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Is it possible to lose weight on some special parts of body?

I'm 165 cm tall and I weigh 56 kg. I'm the ideal weight for my height now, but don't like my body and what it looks like! I'd love to be skinny but I don't know how. Fat tummy, belly, leg .. I am, ...
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Leg exercises that complement squats?

I believe in balancing the amount of exercise that I give to each muscle group, but recently it occurred to me that my leg muscles might be imbalanced. More than anything, squats are the number one ...
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Exercises to prevent hip pain?

I'm 33 and male. I've had pain in interior of my left hip for the past 5 years or so. I first noticed the pain when playing recreational ultimate frisbee. I have since stopped playing, but the pain ...
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Squats vs Stairs - Whats the difference?

Why is it that when I squat (400lbs) I can do all of my sets with no ill after effects. Even one legged squats (up to 200lbs) cause me no problems other than maybe DOMS. When I climb stairs I find ...
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Is there any way to keep your knee problem free in the long run for a distance runner?

I found on the internet that people who are runners and run long distances surmount knee problems in their later life. I am a runner too and I don't want any kind of problems with my legs anytime in ...
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Overtraining my legs doing both cardio and leg workouts

I work out three times a week, using a full body workout plan, doing one leg exercise each time (squats, lunges, deadlifts, with the largest weight I can lift, so it's quite challenging). Two-three ...
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Excercises to try correct knees pointing inward

Since asking this question quite some time ago I have been on a quest to be able to squat. I quickly managed to solve the ankle issue I was having by stretching daily against objects under my desk at ...
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2 answers

Machine Leg Curl vs Glute-Ham-Raise

Often when arguing about the Leg Curl Machine being bad (eg. hurt your knees in many cases), people refer to the Glute-Ham-Raise as a way better (less harmful) alternative. To me, the movements of ...
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Bio-mechanical analysis of squat: torque on the knee and on the hip

There are many biomechanical analyzes of the squat on the web, but there are lots of things are not clear for me. Let's consider for instance a high-bar back squat. An analysis is provided by this ...
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Quick leg workout without equipment

My friend and I take 5-15 minute breaks every hour while studying. We like to be productive during these breaks. Most of the days, we do push-ups during these breaks. However, on days when our ...
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Deadlifting yesterday gave me pain in my lats. What is the proper posture for deadlifting to avoid this?

Yesterday I did deadlifts in my workout, then I got pain in my lat muscles and also in the thigh. I think this was caused by wrong posture which also can lead to back problems. But I don't know the ...
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Walking faster V/s Running

What is difference b/n walking fast and running, which different muscles get activated are they different for both? I am asking cause I found my calves getting tightened more while walking fast while ...
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What is a good exercise to prepare for skiing?

I know that first time and/or slightly-out-of-shape skiiers have a tendency to be extremely sore after their first day on the slopes. What is a good exercise my wife and I can do to prepare for our ...
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Training advice on long-distance running for a newbie

I signed-up to Man vs. Mountain, it's a 20 mile race up (and down) Mount Snowdon. I'm looking for some advice with regards to training because it's a pretty daunting event and I've never done ...
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Never skip leg day?

Currently I am gaining strength (and muscle) with a 3-way split. Back- biceps Chest - triceps Legs - Shoulder This however is my concern, I am getting married in 6 months and bought a suit which has ...
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Leg Abductor Tremble

Today was my fourth or fifth time using the thigh abductors at the gym, and since I began, my inner thighs tremble. I found a similar question here, which has a good explanation of the different ...
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