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Training muscles for scuba diving

I'm a keen trail runner, and when scuba diving you're using only your legs to propel, so in theory everything should be fine. However, I'm getting cramps and I need to move slowly to prevent them. It ...
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Is the Overhead position of the Overhead Press the same as that of the Overhead Squat?

I've got many doubts on if there is any difference between the overhead position of the Overhead Press and that of the Overhead Squat. Let me clarify. The proper final position of the Overhead Press ...
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Lunge - Deep painful stretch in Hamstrings

Lately I have been trying out some new excercises to train my legs. One of which is the Lunge. Now I noticed that when doing them without weight, I had no problem at all. But when I took about 10kg ...
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Single leg stand exercise

Am I right in thinking that this exercise can be used to strengthen your feet aswell as your hips? In the past I was given it by a physio due to my problems with flat feet / plantar fasciitis. The ...
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Leg Training with Patella alta

A few days ago I visited my doctor because I got pain right besides and under my kneecap in the right leg when walking and going up/down stairs (only when extending my leg and only sometimes, it's ...
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Muscles involved in Walking with different way

When I am walking i observed I have two mode, in one I am walking normal way with all my body felling no tension, other one is in which my torso fill bit of stiff, it is feeling like walking by ...
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