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How to safely add a long run to a weekly routine?

I run about 15-20 miles per week (usually 4 runs but the occasional 5, more than 3 but fewer than 6 miles at a time). I would like to be able to (eventually) work up to a long run (10-15 mi) for ...
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Close fitting trisuit - How to alleviate nipple burn from chest hair?

So this is actually not trolling, serious question. I have also looked at what-can-i-do-for-sore-nipples and is-it-harmful-not-to-wear-an-underwear-while-running as well as a couple of questions ...
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Why do elite cyclists seem to have higher VO2 max tham elite marathon runners?

For example, Chris Froome's VO2 max was 84.6. Some were at least 90! While marathon runners seem to fall between ...
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How would I prepare for long distance biking?

I'm getting ready to go to college in about 7 weeks. But, it's too far to walk and if I was to take the bus, it would use the money they give me for transportation. I'm also not allowed to take a taxi ...
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How to train for marathon

I really really want to train for a marathon, but I can't find anybody to do it with me, and I just can't seem to be able to train alone. At the beginning of the year I found someone to do these ...
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How to avoid muscle loss when doing prolonged cardio (around 15 days in a row)?

I know this question may seem irrelevant since there are many good answers addressing it, for example this one. However, the questions and answers I found are all about losing muscle while regularly ...
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How to start with distance running

I would like to start running long distance (well ~8km) Is it better to start off walking, with occasional jogging, the 8km and transition over time into running the full distance, or to start off ...
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Good walking Shoe and Insert

I have plantar fasciitis and I have come to notice off gait when i walk. When I say off I mean I can feel that when I pay attention to my stride I lean more on the left and more specifically I tend to ...
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What to eat during running?

In an inteview, Kilian Jornet said that during races at the end he gained 1 kilo, for all he was eating during the race. - A half-liter to one liter per hour. - Gels every 30 minutes from the ...
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Gel recommendations for Ironman Triathlon

I'm doing an Ironman in about 4 weeks. Having just completed a half Ironman a couple of days ago, I'm feeling upbeat after performing well. However, I have a question about nutrition for my ...
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How to train for long walks (~100km)?

How to train to be able to do really long walks (about 100km)? Is the training for such walks similar to training for long runs? The distance is similar but when walk you can take pauses. My goal is ...
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