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Questions tagged [lower-body-strength]

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Is one leg being smaller than the other affecting my squat?

So I’ve been weightlifting for about 6 months now and have osgood schlatters disease (OSD) in my left leg for about 4 years and never notice it anymore only when I bend my knees into a deep position. ...
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Rate my upper/lower split

About me I'm 16 years old, can bench about 45kg, do 16 pull ups, 120 kg leg press for 10 reps, 15 kg barbell biceps curl for about 6 reps I've been looking through all sorts of upper/lower splits, ...
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Strenghtening Achilles tendon @home.

I've twisted my ankle once, it was terribly bad, I was immobilized for many month (lack of proper rehabilitation made it worse, in my country of origin you get only 'necessary' medical services from ...
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Experiencing cramps in posterior pelvic crest after even light jogs

Brief background: I am an experienced athlete, 30 yrs old, 190lb/5'11; I play soccer and have always had a very fast 300m. Last couple of months, I have been doing crossfit. I have been going up in ...
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Are my exercises and their reps and sets good for fat loss?

I've organized my workout into 6 days: 2 sessions of upper-body workouts, lower-body workouts, and core workouts. The 7th day is a rest day. I am working out at home so these are my options. Please ...
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