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4 answers

If I wear my Fitbit One on a treadmill or elliptical, should I log the activity as well?

The FitBit Activity Tracker (on the website, Android application, and I would presume the iPhone application as well) lets you log various activities so you can track and share them with your friends. ...
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4 votes
4 answers

On machines, what is the weight listed?

I've always thought that the weight listed on a weight stack (putting the pin at 100lbs) meant that you were lifting 100lbs after all factors were taken into account. After reading this answer, I am ...
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How does the angle of the squat machine affect muscle activation?

I've seen incline, decline, and horizontal squat machines at the gym. Does each one activate different muscles or are they effectively the same?
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Leg Abductor Tremble

Today was my fourth or fifth time using the thigh abductors at the gym, and since I began, my inner thighs tremble. I found a similar question here, which has a good explanation of the different ...
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Peck deck machine vs dumbbells flyes [closed]

I don't use the peck deck machine. If someone say can do 100 kg on the peck deck how much can he do with dumbbells flyes?
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