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How often does one need to strength train to maintain strength?

This question on how often should someone run to maintain ability got me thinking how often one would need to strength train to maintain their current level of strength. The answer to this post about ...
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Saturated versus all other fats [closed]

You mention "fat" often and as a collective value; but isn't there a big difference between saturated and all the others (Unsat, Mono, Poly, Etc), in terms of metabolism and what is used ...
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How best to maintain strength with 1 training per week?

After a longer break, I started lifting consistently 6 months ago. My weight training is squats, bench, deadlift twice a week. I made slow but steady progress and my current lifts are 75kg@3rm bench, ...
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Maintaining muscle with indirect work

Let's says a beginner builds a big chest from horizontal movements and then switches to vertical movements only. Would the chest atrophy or maintain it's strength and size? Or vice versa, if someone ...
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How to clean a battle rope?

I have bought my battle rope for two years, a common 38mm diameter black one and should be made by artificial fiber. It is placed on ground for 2 years. Recently I carry it out on my shoulder, walk ...
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Should I include refeeding after 48h fasts while in maintenance phase?

I've been training in the gym for several years and decided to go on a longer maintenance phase, as I am really happy with my current body composition. I've been in maintenance for over half a year by ...
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Do I have to workout harder and harder?

About a year and a half ago (and having quit smoking six months prior) I decided to lose weight because my bathroom scale told me that I was on the lower end of the "obese" category. Since then, ...
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Two weeks away, no gym

I’m going on holiday where there will be no equipment to train with, no supplements, nowhere ‘lift’. I’ll be gone for two weeks. No, I’m not being incarcerated. I would like to do something, other ...
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Keep up in shape and muscle mass

I'm 26 and |I used to workout a lot(every day). Now, I have school and need to spend a lot of times in front of a computer. Is there a way for me to keep up my shape and muscle mass(Like super sets ...
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Total Fast on Last Day of the Week to Cut Fat and Retain Muscle?

I'm male, 5ft 10in, 187 pounds, unknown fat %, and I've been strength training for a while, and while I've definitely increased in strength, I want a cut aesthetic. I have a bit of fat in my belly (...
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Maitaining current form

I'm interested in maintaining current physical form with minimal training time, including situations with forced breaks from training. Usually I train 3 times a week for about 80-100 minutes, most 3-...
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How to stay in shape during a workout hiatus?

I had a retinal hemorrhage a week ago and was told by my doctor to not work out for a month. What can I do to minimize the amount of muscle that is atrophied over that month, without stressing/over-...
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You're as big and strong as you want: how to just maintain?

Let's say you've been lifting heavy ass weights, consistently eating well for a while, and you've accomplished the physique you wanted when you started doing exercise. You're pretty big, but you don't ...
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How (much) can a metabolism slow down?

Always when you read about diets, you also read a warning saying that a too small calorie intake will slow down your metabolism. However, I can't find any sources explaining what exaclty slows down ...
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Which one is best to maintain healthy body either yoga or Gym? [closed]

Nowadays we don't considering our body with day to day life, all are working day night shifts in our office environments with in front of machines and computers etc.,definitely they will affect our ...
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Can I remove the nasty rubber smell from new equipment?

I just bought a Burn Machine device which has two rotating handles within a frame. It is weighted and functions similar to using a speedbag (see picture below). I've been using it a lot ever since I ...
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What should I be aware of for wear and tear on a used weight machine?

My father is giving me his old weight machine. He has not used it in quite a few years (10+) and it has been outside (we get winter 4-5 months of the year, with 3-4 feet of snow on average) for the ...
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What are the most up to date consolidated daily health maintenance measures? [closed]

Title could be enough. But since this question is so simple that it looks a bit absurd or obvious... Unlike many questions out there in this site, I'm looking for fitness (rest included) in the ...
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What's the time threshold for a drop in performance when taking a break from training?

Whenever I go on vacation, the dilemma in my head is, should I try to work out there? Or just take a break from everything and resume when I get back. The worry is that a break would cause some ...
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The resistance piston on my exercise machine squeaks

Is it OK to lubricate these things. If so with what? If not does it mean my machine is on its last days? It is a Cardio Glide.
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Is maintaining really so bad?

In a process of one question begetting another, Meade Rubenstein made a comment about something I stated in my original question. It seems like an interesting enough question on its own, so here we ...
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