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Diet to increase muscle mass [duplicate]

I am a person who weighs 77 kilos, my height is 1.75 and I go to the gym 5 times a week and my goal is to weigh 80 kilograms, could you recommend a diet in which I can increase my muscle mass ...
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After waking up, what must I eat/drink if I want to have a workout asap

After waking up, I want to go gym directly. However I have an empty stocmach to workout, I know that causes my body to use protein as fuel. If I have breakfast, then I have to wait 2-3 hours and I don'...
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Need advice for diet beginner

I recently decided to do fitness and diet more seriously.I am a male 31 years old - 183 cm - 77 Kg I don't know my body fat but since the confinement, I gained 4 Kg and no exercise during this period ^...
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Meal plan app or nutritionist when building muscle?

Is using a customised meal plan on a health app or a customised meal plan from a nutritionist better when trying to build muscle? Using an app is usually cheaper and subscriptions usually give you a ...
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Is a meal plan necessary for building muscle?

Many fitness apps have personalised meal plans. However, I am wondering whether meal plans are actually a good idea, as they might not match your dietary requirements. Would it be better to stick to ...
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Protein diet meal help

I'm trying to add muscle (from weightlifting) whilst getting rid of fat (from long walks cardio). I've been advised to consume 300g of protein a day. I usually have 3 meals (breakfast , lunch, dinner)...
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Nutrition Planning Help for Lean Muscle and Strength

Right now my main goal is total body transformation. I am on a caloric deficit and getting stronger each week and have lost about 10 lbs of fat so far from 170 to 160. My target weight goal is 150. ...
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Losing body fat, carbs, diet and everything

I was planning my diet and something just didn't make sense to me. Most of the articles I've read said carbs are the enemies when trying to lose fat while much more articles also said carbs help to ...
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How to calculate how much Macros, fibre and calories I need per day

I'm 18 years, 5'6, 151 lbs - 154 lbs, 17.2% body fat (bio impedance scale). As you might have possible guessed, I'm looking to get lean, add some muscle, reach a 9% body fat and get to 155 lbs. If I ...
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Cheap Alternatives to Meal Prep [closed]

A well known fact in the fitness world is that a big portion of results come from dieting. Now, I know what foods are healthy and which ones aren't. That's not an issue for me; however, I seem to have ...
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Buying readymade healthy food

I know these two terms don't go well together but I need advice on how to pick healthy foods that I can simply buy and eat. I hate cooking and I live in a temporary accomodation where the kitchen is ...
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IT Guy meal plan [closed]

I was skinny and worked out(3 days a week) and ate a lot, became fat and then came back in shape(but bulged out tummy, I don't know how I shrinked, but left gym and hence a change in meal plan) , i.e. ...
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Losing My Arms Muscle

I am 22 year old male and i am software developer.I am doing gym for months but i got little fat in my belly.So to burn that i started doing cardio in morning and gym in evening. My schedule is like ...
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Is this an optimal plan for strength and cardio?

I’m a 33 year old male. 5’11. 156 pounds. I'm approx 14% bodyfat. I’m looking to get ‘fit’. I’ve worked out (5km-half marathon, swimming, squat, bench) at various times in my life and tracked ...
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Protein Shake VS. Tuna [closed]

I am currently on a workout plan. for lunch I have one pouch of tuna and one whole avocado. I am getting a little sick of tuna. Can I replace my pouch of tuna and avocado for a protein shake? The ...
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I need help making a diet / meal plan for [Exercise Regime] to lose weight. What do I do? [closed]

I have general fitness goals: Lower resting heart rate, low bodyfat percentage, good BMI, healthy skin etc. How do plan my diet to achieve this when combined with my general fitness exercise regime of ...
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