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Animal protein, usually dead, often cooked, best eaten.

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Can protein obtained from eating insect totally replace red meat, fish and egg white? [closed]

I am training hard and my goal is to build myself into a guy with big muscle. I know eating properly is something that can't be ignored on my road to success. I have heard that insects can offer ...
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Does eating meat causes weight gain, even in deficit [closed]

I was told recently that eating meat will cause weight gain. I fail to find any research on this and i call bs, but i am very curious about it. If yes, what would be the amounts (for chicken/fish). ...
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Can re-introducing meat cause stomach pain? [closed]

I've been on a meat sabbatical recently over lent and I've gone forty days without meat. Before my break I was a pretty keen carnivore, and now that I've started eating meat again I've been having ...
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Tired and sick feeling fixed by eating

I, despite eating normally and drinking normally, on very rare occasion seem to hit a wall or something. I get really tired and start yawning very regularly and usually also start feeling light headed ...
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At what temperature is Creatine destroyed when cooking meat? [closed]

Red meats such as Steak and Salmon do contain some creatine and provide a natural source. However, much of the creatine is destroyed from the heat as a result of cooking the meat. At what temperature ...
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What to replace large quantities of meat with in my diet? [closed]

My family are all big meat eaters. We are country people who like to BBQ. A recent article on BBC news says that adults are advised to consume on average no more than 70g of red meat per day. ...
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