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Help Formulating Diet and Exercise Plan With Pre-existing Health Conditions [closed]

I need help in formulating a diet plan to correct certain health issues. Last December, during my regular checkup, my HBA1C was 6 and fasting blood sugar was 106. After that, I switched to a low-carb ...
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What scientific studies compare electric muscle stimulation versus resistance training?

I know this is a wide open topic with countless nuances, but I need to start somewhere. Will someone please provide a reference to scientific literature comparing the effects of electric muscle ...
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What type medical professional can provide comprehensive physical fitness advice?

Context: I live in the USA. I have a primary care physician assigned by my HMO who is versed in family medicine. I would like to figure out what sort of medical service (specialist? concierge doctor?) ...
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Is there value doing pushups until I can not do them more due to muscle fatigue?

I am doing pushups for years - single set, evening, at home. I increased gradually the number of pushups in my set and I have managed to achieve 37 and I stayed at it. But I don't enjoy doing them. I ...
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How can I interpret Ergometry results?

The information that I found was limited to interpreting the maximum METs reading, however ergometry results contain also HR in every stage and much more. What can I learn from this fitnesswize? So ...
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Is it some kind of illness not to long for training and be even nervous and afraid of the prospect of training?

I have heard that one guy told the other guy in the gym that he thinks a lot about gym and longs for it when he is outside gym in his everyday activities. He is thinking about what he will do and how ...
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seeking qualified sports medical advice (USA)

This stackexchange site frequently closes questions because people are asking questions that require a qualified medical practitioner. Recently, I have my own question that I think falls into that ...
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Understanding physical fitness anatomically [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are good books on muscle building heavily based on science? Are there any books which explain the significance of each and every exercise we do in the gym? I do not mean ...
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Do NSAIDS (Ibuprofen, etc.) actually speed up healing or do they just mask pain?

I have a minor muscle pull in my lower back (right side). The initial pull happened Friday, but I re-aggravated it somewhat last night. I'm trying to heal this injury as quickly as possible for an ...
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What type of doctor does hormone replacement therapy? [closed]

I show all the signs of low testosterone even though I am just 23. What type of specialist do I need to see to get tested for low testosterone levels and get treated if needed?
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Patello-femoral Pain Syndrome in methods such as X-ray, MRI or CT?

Medical term: Patello-femoral Pain Syndrome (aka runner knee). I am trying to find more scientific description about the syndrome, not just pain but what is it actually? How can a doctor see it from ...
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Blood test and running training

This evening I did a low intensity run (10km - 46'), a very easy workout based on my standard. Tomorrow morning (about 12-13h after the run) I should do the blood test.. There is the possibilities ...
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Ibuprofen before exercise?

Is it a good or bad idea to take Ibuprofen (or other NSAID) before exercise to help prevent things like knee or shoulder pain? I have heard that (a) you should not, because it will mask the pain that ...
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Long term effects of various constipation treatments? [closed]

Okay, so I think constipation might be relevant in this site because it's sort of related to nutrition, but.. One of the treatments to get rid of constipation is by using laxatives. However, I've ...
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Is it bad to sit down immediately after the exercise? [duplicate]

I've heard numerous times that you should not sit down immediately after the exercise when the heart rate is high and you should stand and walk around for a bit. However I don't remember a convincing ...
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