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Weight gained using GOMAD strategy

@DaveLiepmann recommended drinking one gallon of milk a day for gaining quick mass. It does look like a good idea as it is discussed on stronglifts as well. But another article suggested it is not ...
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Do Lactose Intolerant people still absorb protein from milk?

As a Lactose Intolerant person I almost always get diarrhea when I drink milk. But even if my stomach spits it out the other way, is it atleast able to extract the protein from it to build muscle? ...
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Is casein protein in cow milk as good as casein powders?

Milk has an 80:20 casein:whey protein ratio according to Wikipedia. There are four different types of casein proteins, and collectively they make up around 80% of the protein in milk Can skim ...
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Milk+honey helps gain weight?

I’m currently working on gaining weight to my body. I just want to know, adding honey to milk will helps for gaining weight or not? Some said, adding honey with hot milk and cold milk differs from ...
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Should milk be completely avoided during weight-loss work-outs?

Milk has a considerable amount of fat. So while in a weight-loss regiment, should milk be avoided completely?
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Coconut milk or normal skim milk? [closed]

Question For a balanced sportsman doing crossfit (1x to 2x per week), should I drink coconut milk or diary skim milk? Background As a sportsman trying to have a defined body and the energy to ...
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Why milk is not vegan? [closed]

I asked the same question to many persons but none of them gave me a satistfied answer. If you want to say milk contains BACTERIA thats why its not vegan then every thing in the world would not be a ...
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