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I can't raise my legs much while lying on my back

I can only raise my left leg about 45 degrees lying on my back and other leg also not more than 60 degrees or so. I don't feel any pain on my back or somewhere else while doing that. The legs just don'...
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Are leg 'pull' exercises a thing?

I was doing leg press today and the though struck me, does a 'leg pull' exist where you are pulling yourself towards your feet? Sort of like doing squats with your feet glued to the ceiling! If so ...
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Muscles used in ‘Straight Bridges’, and precursor exercises for them?

So I'm working on the exercises in Convict Conditioning, and got through the Level-1 ‘Short Bridges’ (well, intermediate-level) with no problem. I start doing the Level-2 ‘Straight Bridges’, and can't ...
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How can I engage my chest more when doing pushups?

I understand that pushups are supposed to be a chest exercise primarily. However, I find that I use my triceps and anterior deltoids more than my chest when doing the exercise. How can I engage my ...
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Recommendations/tips/improvements for a training program with my current gear

I am 18 years old, 66kg (146lbs) and 180cm (5'11"). Gear: treadmill, power tower (pull/chin-ups and dips), two dumbbells with weights of 30kg (max. of 20kg per dumbbell), a resistance cable and a ...
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How to develop the smaller muscles of the back?

Whenever we see a muscular back,we think of the lats, middle back and the lower.But there are many smaller muscles which make an asthetic back.Any exercise to isolate those smaller muscle groups?
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Getting started on shoulders

I started to gym around 4 months ago - I love the experience and the feeling. One problem I have is that I feel my shoulders are substantially weaker than my other groups - i.e. they limit how ...
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Where should I start? [duplicate]

I am fat and I am already trying to eat less and eat healthy. I figured the muscular route to be the best way to get my muscles to show(my body is able to burn fat and gain muscle at the same time). ...
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Determine weaker muscle group

I've heard that it's useful to determine your weakest muscle group and to work more on it. Sometimes it can been clearly seen, but if not, how do I actually do it? Is there some approximate ...
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muscle group schedule and creatine cycling

I am 20 yrs old and 61kg(134.482 lbs) is it ok if i work-out the whole week as long as I isolate the different muscle group? Mon: Chest / Lower Back Tues: Bicep / Tricep Wed: Shoulder / Legs and so ...
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Mixing exercises with multiple muscle groups

My current workout routine is as follows. Monday : Chest and Biceps Tuesday : Shoulder and Triceps Wednesday : Back and Legs. Repeat Mon and Tues for Thursday and Friday Saturday : Cricket (morning ...
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Tabata Training-- should I separate upper and lower body?

I'm a 60-year-old male. I'm a professional whitewater kayaking instructor, and I like to compete in kayak surfing. My goal is to get in as good a shape for those sports as my limited time allows. ...
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Grouping and ordering workouts for a 3-day workout week

I've been familiar with targeting a muscle group each day for example, chest for monday, legs for tuesday, and so on. The constraint is: I can only workout 1 hour each day for 3 days a week because ...
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Quads vs Hamstrings in Squats and Lunges

I've read that squats and lunges are primarily Hamstring/Glute exercises. But I tend to feel them much more in my quads. Is this indicative of a form issue, or an imbalance in the strength of my ...
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I am a newbie (male), and want to get pump some mass to my butt, thighs and legs (they are very thin as compared to my upper body) [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Chicken legs + butt exercises - video training without equipment (at home) OR WITH equipment? I am a newbie (male), and want to get pump some mass to my butt, thighs and legs (...
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What muscles are targeted by these different variations of pull-ups: standard, chin-ups, and the neutral or parallel close grip pull-up?

What muscles or muscle groups are targeted by these different variations of pull-ups: 1.) standard (overhanded), 2.) chin-ups (underhanded), and 3.) the neutral or parallel close grip pull-out (thumb ...
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In bodybuilding, how do I train my traps and lats without involving my biceps?

Some people like to train biceps separated from the back, because "when you get to workout the biceps, it is already tired from the back exercises". Sometimes, you have a hurt biceps and ...
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biceps gaining slower than the rest

I've been going to the gym since august 2010 now after a long break ( 2 years ), and I am changing my workout programmes regularly to not have any plateauing or adaptation. I must say that I do not ...
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Muscle building exercises without looking like the Hulk, think toned and defined

I'm looking to tone my body up and build muscle, but don't want to look like the Hulk or the chicken-legged guys with a huge upper body. I would like to target: Upper Body Lower Body Mid area (...
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Advice on resting muscles

What is the suggested amount of time to rest muscle groups between workouts to prevent injury? I want to tone (improve shapeliness of existing muscle) my body and workout on average 6 times/wk ...
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Optimal method to vary muscle group recruitment?

Currently, I'm exercising 3 days a week (every other day), each day doing 2-3 muscle groups. Currently, my goal is to increase muscle mass. My question is, given my exercise goal, is it better to ...
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