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Training Plan for the Bodybuilding

A NASM-CPT (National Academy of Sports Medicine-certified personal trainer) trainer said that the training for the bodybuilding should consist of both muscle building period and max strength ...
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Chest supported row with big dumbbells

I'am accustomed to performing chest supported row in a 30 degrees bench with dumbbells. My current problem is that I'm performing it with 32kg dumbbell per side and they start to limit my range of ...
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Quad focused workout routine non really satisfied about my progress. What could I change about it?

I was wandering if someone could help me figure out if I'm training legs the right way because lately I'm not seeing much progress on this department. I train 4 times per week, I have a quad focused ...
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Exercises that develop the rectus femoris other than leg extensions

I have seen a study where the muscle growth (of rectus femoris and vastus lateralis) were compared for (smith machine) squats vs leg extensions (see summary of the study here. One result was that the ...
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How do daily push-ups (as in army bootcamp) lead to muscle growth

Accepted knowledge in these communities and with most trainers is recovery days are when the body grows. And that sans recovery days you're only breaking down muscle fibers without letting them grow ...
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Why do I always get strength but not muscular gain?

I am going in the gym for some time and I notice that while I improved my strenght and resistance a lot (I can lift heavier weights and for more repetitions) but I don't notice them growing. What am I ...
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Does "Greasing the groove" work and if so why?

"Greasing the groove (GtG) is doing approximately half the number of repetitions that you are capable of, with 15 or more minutes of rest in between, troughout the day, every day, with an occasional ...
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6 day training split

I was wondering if my custom training split is effective. It's a mix of an antagonistic split and push/pull/legs. I'm an intermediate lifter and my main goal is hypertrophy with a secondary goal of ...
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Eat before or after night gym sessions

I have a new job in a new city and I am still trying to calibrate my schedule so all my activities could fit in. I usually finish work arount 6PM and after I got home (around 7:30 PM), I go to the gym ...
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Will I get the same results if I perform half of my workout at one time and then the other half later in the day?

Assuming that the entire workout is for one muscle system (pushing, pulling, legs), would there be negative effects if I perform one part of the workout in the morning, for example, and the rest of it ...
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Does eating sugar before sleeping reduce muscle regeneration and growth?

I was very underweight most of my life (BMI 15-16) and gained a bit of weight (BMI 18.5 now) during the recent months via training (at home) and eating more. Most of that gained weight is apparently ...
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How to develop the smaller muscles of the back?

Whenever we see a muscular back,we think of the lats, middle back and the lower.But there are many smaller muscles which make an asthetic back.Any exercise to isolate those smaller muscle groups?
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Height and ability to gain muscle mass

I was reading this post and I came up with a question that was not asked in it. In particular, I wondered if taller people have the ability to gain more muscle in the same amount of time than ...
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