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Why does the barbell remains tilted to the right at the end of the jerks of Zarina Gusalova?

Zarina Gusalova does not adjust the grip in between the clean and the jerk. Yet in her lifts the barbell remains tilted to the right side at the end of her jerks. This is especially visible in her ...
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left and right shoulders are asymmetrical

My left and right shoulders are asymmetrical. My left shoulder seems attached with my upper chest perfectly whereas my right shoulder and upper chest has a gap between them. How can i make them equal? ...
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Training despite having an unbalanced back (asymmetric)

I have an asymmetrical back, it is not really visible when relaxed, but I noticed that I can easily contract and pop up my right deltoid while the left one, is impossible. A doctor told me that after ...
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Causes of muscular imbalance?

I've been noticing a slight imbalance with my back for the past few months. It is a very slight difference I.e. when doing 40kg dumbell rows right side feels like it still has 1 or 2 reps in the tank ...
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