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17 votes
7 answers

What novice program should I recommend to my unfit friends?

I lift, but most of my friends don't. What should I have them do when they (finally!) decide to try coming to the gym with me? My friends are not fit, but also not obese or possessing gross injury. ...
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24 votes
4 answers

Why is "Starting Strength" the most highly regarded workout regime on the Internet?

Starting Strength is a excellent resource for overall strength training and invaluable for powerlifters. However, I feel for the majority of people who are new to fitness, Starting Strength is an ...
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5 votes
3 answers

What strategies should a fit middle-aged novice runner use to get started?

My wife and I are both generally fit, neither of us run and both of us are interested in introducing it to our fitness plan. I study (and teach) Taekwondo while she does extensive aerobic exercise ...
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