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Toes Hurt and Go Numb While Running

I've been running for 11 weeks doing the Couch to 10K program, with 8-9 weeks of that being in Vibram FiveFingers Bikila LS. As I've steadily increased the amount of running in my workout, I've ...
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Achilles issues and foot numbness

I frequently get a sense of tightness in my lower legs most often about a mile into a run, sometimes in one foot other times in both. I've spoken to a doctor about it and my achilles is fine. The ...
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Calf raises to failure and numbness

Last week I was doing some high-rep sets of calf raises and something odd happened. On my 5th and final set I planned to go to failure, with at least 60 reps as the goal. At about 50 reps it burned ...
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Why is my left foot going numb when I run? (when it was not a problem previously)

I've been running regularly (once or twice per week) for four months, wearing the same shoes each time. However, the last two times I've run, my left foot has gone numb about 2 miles into the run. I'...
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Numb Tingeling in Big Toes [closed]

Me: Overweight 30 year old male. This year has been a particularly inactive year* leading me to grow increasingly interested in getting into shape. Because of this, and other reasons, this lead me to ...
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