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Food fat content [closed]

While looking at 50g cashew fat content on Wolfram: I see total fat = 35g and saturated fat = 6g, no transfat. What else is counting as fat, I mean 35g - 6g = 29g, what's that 29g? And an additional ...
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Bulking on a high fibre diet?

I'm trying to bulk up at a target of 3000 kcals per day. I'm using huel powder to meet 1600kcals (so about 4 shakes per day); the rest comes from real food. I've noticed that I'm having to poop about ...
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Do nutritional facts take into account the inedible parts of certain foods? [closed]

I was wondering if the caloric values of leftovers of certain foods (may the best example be bones, when eating chicken) that are never eaten, taken into account when calculating nutrition values of ...
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Nutrition Planning Help for Lean Muscle and Strength

Right now my main goal is total body transformation. I am on a caloric deficit and getting stronger each week and have lost about 10 lbs of fat so far from 170 to 160. My target weight goal is 150. ...
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What are the consequences of just eating sandwiches for breakfast and lunch?

I've wondered a long time if eating cereals with chocalate, honey and sandwiches with sandwich filling like jam, peanut butter, chocalate, syrup, cheese, salami etc. would be bad or good or maybe just ...
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Carb intake when following an exercise plan?

In articles and write ups there is an argument for and against carbs when following a workout plan and diet while hitting ones macros. Though it seems that some recommend taking an approach where ...
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Should an obese 16 year old male cut calories?

I am 16, Male, 250 pounds, and am at a body fat percentage of 34%. At this point I'm considering cutting calories and consuming only 1900 calories since it is 500 calories below my TDEE as well as ...
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Discrepancy in TDEE calculations

After a (very) dirty bulk, I have now been losing weight for about 39 weeks. (It has been going OK.) At the start of my diet (at the end of November, 2015) I was about 110 kg. I planned my weight loss ...
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Coconut milk or normal skim milk? [closed]

Question For a balanced sportsman doing crossfit (1x to 2x per week), should I drink coconut milk or diary skim milk? Background As a sportsman trying to have a defined body and the energy to ...
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Preservatives in food = preservatives in my fat cells? [closed]

Is it logical to believe that if I eat foods with preservatives, the resulting fats within that food may also store within my fat cells with preservatives and thus make it more difficult to rid my ...
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How useful is to drink an isotonic drink after a short running session?

I've been doing short runs this summer (~5k in more or less half an hour) and I decided to buy this powder to make isotonic drinks to recover after the exercise. I know that in such a short time I ...
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Gaining strength at constant body weight vs bulking up followed by losing weight

Calorie intake restriction while trying to gain strength seems not to be easy, and I have experienced with my own eyes an improvement from one workout to another, by simply eating more than usual in ...
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Fitness app that allows recording food consumed by weight and not by volumetric serving? has a large database of foods with their nutritional value stored, and allows one to add in how much one has consumed by the volumetric servings, e.g. 1 cup of carrots. However, it ...
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Weird result of working biceps and triceps? strength depeleting?

Earlier I used to do regular pushups about 30-40 and was able to perform about 5 chinups everyday. I left training for a while and then for the past few weeks started training with 10kg dumbbells. ...
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What are some ingredients in this protein powder that may negatively effect my health? [closed]

I am wondering if anything in the following ingredients list would be considered harmful. I understand that these are all FDA approved ingredients, however aspartame is a good example of an ingredient ...
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How many pounds of water retention will be caused by 2300 mg of sodium? [closed]

When you gain five pounds in one day people always say "water retention from sodium" and undigested food. To see if this is plausible, I want to get a sense for the scale of the effect. Suppose you ...
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Almond Bread vs Gain Based Bread [closed]

When almond bread breaks down in my body, do the carbohydrates turn into sugar? I know that any grain based bread when breaking down in my body, will turn the carbohydrates into sugar in my body.
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Ideal Human Nutrition for athletic ability and longevity

I am an athlete (competitive running accompanied by yoga, calisthenics, and swimming) seeking the ideal diet. I've been advised to adopt diet plans ranging from Veganism to Paleo, Whole Food Plant ...
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High protein intake at a time

I am aware of that per kg protein intake and all. AFA my routine is concerned, I workout in the evening (around 8 - 9.30 p.m). Before workout, I take 1 scoop of protein (25gm protein) and after ...
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What is better for you - a whole wheat piece of toast or a scooped out whole wheat bagel? [closed]

I was having a debate with someone around this on which is healthier having egg whites on: A piece of whole wheat toast A scooped out whole wheat bagel I thought the toast was still much healthier ...
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Will Musclecore x and Androsolve help bootstrap my fitness routine to lose weight?

Intro/Disclaimer: I'm quite ignorant about fitness. I don't have a sharp body with 6 packs but I'm not horribly fat, just some belly (1.75m, 72 kg, male, 25yo). I'd like to have a sharper body and ...'s user avatar
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Change in eating habits from Half Marathon to 6 mile

For a half marathon I spent the week before carb loading and hydrating. I'm running a 6 mile soon and would like some 5Km races too. How should I change my diet for different length races? Should ...
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Does uncooked oatmeal get less absorbed by the body? [closed]

When I properly prepare my oatmeal, that is by boiling and cooking it for roughly a minute, it really burdens my body to consume it. I feel fatigued an hour after eating it and my stomach feels heavy. ...
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Get calories from nutritional information [closed]

I'm eating a pack of biscuits and on the label the following information is given: Nutritional information per 100g of product Carbohydrates - 75g Proteins - 6g Fat - ...
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10% sugar in berries -- what's the rest? [closed]

According to packages on frozen berries (e.g. raspberry, blueberry and others), 10g out of 100g consists of sugar, 1g of other carbohydrates, and 0-1g of protein. What about the rest? Is it just water?...
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Preservatives in protein-shake powder?

I purchased protein shake powder a few months ago. I've been storing it at room temperature in my kitchen, temporarily also in the fridge. Produced in 08/2010, expriation date 02/2012. What kind of ...
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Is melted cheese less healthy than unmelted cheese? [closed]

All other things equal, is melted cheese less healthy than "raw" cheese of the same kind? In other words, is there difference between a slice of toasted bread, with cheese on top that's been melted ...
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Does heat affect the macronutrient breakdown of cooking fats?

I keep a close watch on the nutritional content of my food for weight-control purposes, and I don't know how to account for the fats I use when cooking. For example, I've been accounting for butter as ...
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Where can I go to research the Glycemic index of specific foods

I hear people on this site throwing the term 'Glycemic Index' a lot and I'd like to familiarize myself with how the GI of specific foods affect my diet. For instance, I have recently started eating ...
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General nutrition for normal people where weight loss isn't a goal [closed]

I've always been at a healthy weight and now I'm in my 30's I want to make sure that I'm taking care of myself and consuming the right foods. Considering there is so much information out there, bias, ...
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Quinoa: red or white, which is healthier? [closed]

What is the healthier quinoa (assuming they are different)? What are the various health benefits of each?
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Where to find nutrition information for general foods?

Counting calories is one thing, but trying to keep track of things like fat, protein, fiber, and carbohydrates are just as important in a good overall exercise plan. It's not that hard to find ...
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