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How does one calculate the increase calorific needs of weightlifters?

Calorie expenditure from weightlifting is hard to estimate, but additionally, weightlifting imposes additional metabolic demands on the body that burn more calories. For example: given a 300 rep per ...
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What are the 'twisties'?

Simone Biles dropped out of the finals of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games due to experiencing 'twisties'. I understand that this is some kind of mental phenomenon that would prevent her from competing. ...
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Should I deload? When should I deload? And, how should I deload?

Disclaimer: I would appreciate an answer from someone who actually has experience with this practice and not someone who has just read what a "deload" is on the Internet. I recently read up on DOMS ...
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Center-less barbell. Would it be the same?

I've recently gotten into olympic lifting, and, after thoroughly watching dropped weighted barbells mangle people, I had the idea of a center-less barbell: Would the lift be the same if the ...
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Why do professional swimmers breathe every stroke in freestyle?

TL;DR: What is the thinking behind turning to breathe every stroke (i.e. every two arm pulls) in freestyle? Isn't this wasteful, since breathing necessarily disrupts your flow? I'm a keen swimmer, ...
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Olympic lifting, where to start?

Where do I start with Olympic lifting, are there any starter programmes? I have been weight training 3-4 times a week now for the past three years. I'd like to start with the Olympic lifting but I'm ...
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Visible abs of olympic athletes and diet [closed]

In fitness context one often hears the statement: "Abs are built in the kitchen". Which means that you have to follow a very clean diet (together with a proper workout) to get visible ripped ...
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Is it rude to drop bumper plates in a gym when on a platform?

My gym has a weights platform and bumper plates which are only allowed to be used on the platform. Naturally, it seems logical that dropping weights with bumper plates onto the platform should be ...
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Assistance Exercises for Full Snatch

I'm a serious recreational lifter. I enjoy doing the power and Olympic lifts but find the over-head squat portion of the full snatch to be difficult. I can easily do the squat-clean and press with ...
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Exercises/training techniques to improve back posture during deadlifts, cleans, etc

I have recently gotten into olympic lifting and am really enjoying it. Unfortunately, I am repeatedly told by the coaches that my shoulders are rounding forward and my back is not straight when I ...
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What is the best Olympic weightlifting instructional?

I am moving from strength training to power training in order to improve athletic performance. Specifically, I am adding the clean and jerk (no snatch for now) to my program. I am not looking to ...
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How can I work on Olympic and Power Lifting without access to plates or an Olympic bar?

I am a novice Olympic and power lifter. I learned the lifts through CrossFit. I will soon start a new job, and will travel Monday through Thursday, mainly staying at hotels. The hotels will have ...
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Why is it beneficial for powerlifters and heavy weight olympic lifters to not have low body fat?

Most powerlifters and heavy weight olympic lifters have a lot of muscle, but are not skinny, why not? Would excess fat not hinder them in their technical lifts?
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