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Asymmetric Bar Placement in Overhead Position

Hell there, I have an issue in any kind of exercises involving the Overhead Position (Overhead Press e Overhead Squat). Precisely, at the Overhead lockout position (shoulder blades elevated and arms ...
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Is toes lifting from the ground during a squat considered bad form

Whenever I go squatting, my toes lift off the ground while my heel is planted on the ground. Is this considered to be bad? I have heard that lifting the heel off the ground during a squat is bad, but ...
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squats and alignment of knees

Quoting's article on Squats: Another error where health of the knee joint is concerned is when the knee is not aligned with the direction of the toes. If the knee is not tracking ...
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Overhead Squat Assistance Work

My next fitness goal is 15 overhead squats with a barbell that has been loaded with my own bodyweight. I just went today and tried my first set. After lots of stretching and warmups, I did three ...
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