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What actions would stop the signal cascades yielding mitochondria growth during basic endurance training?

I often read it is recommended to either train in HIT or LIT, because that training leads to growth in volume or density of mitochondria. See e.g.
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What is the quickest way of replenishing glycogen stores post-workout?

I've recently taken up training for cycling quite intensively, and I was wondering what would be the fastest way of replenishing my glycogen stores before the next day's workout? I've drawn up a ...
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Power duration curve for endurance sports

I have a question regarding the power-duration curve for sports. This curve is power on the y-axis and time on the x-axis. For probably all endurance athletes they will have a exponential declining ...
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How much does adrenaline/warming up effect strength performance?

Warming up is important for safety reasons, but I'm not asking about that. I would like to know how much ‘psyching yourself up’ or being pumped with adrenaline affects an athlete's performance in ...
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