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How can I as an middleaged non athlete implement lower body plyometrics in a safe and time efficient manner?

The lower body portion of my current strength program is: Wed: 3x5 Back squat 3x8 Bent over rows Sat: 3x5 Back squat 1x5 Deadlift I want to incorporate a little bit of moderate plyometrics. Not so ...
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What is the perfect Squat depth and tempo? [closed]

I have been lifting for 3 years managed a 170kg/375lbs squat with belt and low bar. Now I wish to start over with my squat and perform it high bar. My question is what is the best depth for the squat (...
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Low intensity excercise (6 month goal)

I do feel I can commit to my current low intensity workout for a prolonged period if not the rest of my life (my body willing). My previous attempts were to inconsistent, but only because I was doing ...
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Training for using war bows

I currently stump shoot (ie: jog/run/jump cross-country and take pot-shots at around 85% of full draw weight/length) with self-bows I carve. My average draw weight is 90lbs @ 28.5" full draw, but ...
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Is it safe to do light Plyometrics even though lower calves are sore [duplicate]

Here's my routine Plyometrics 20 jumping jacks 40 ghost jump ropes (I don't use real rope) 60 jogging steps I interleave 4 sets of Plyometrics between three sets of weight-training. Lower calves ...
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When\how to start to train on a campus board

I've been climbing for a little while now, strength is improving thanks to gym sessions to top up climbing sessions but the campus board seems to be to beginner climbers like the sun to Icarus. It's ...
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Developing both muscle fibres for endurance and explosiveness

I'm an avid runner but I also train BJJ and so I want to have good endurance and some explosive power without being bulky. Recently, my strength training has just consisted of bodyweight exercises (...
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Are there reasons you shouldn't do plyometrics workouts barefoot?

As a follow up to this question and answer, are there any reasons why I shouldn't perform a plyometrics workout barefoot? I've tried both, and I definitely feel more stress on my feet when barefoot, ...
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What plyometric exercises can a person on crutches do?

I have recently fractured my fifth metatarsal while playing football (soccer) and so my usual weekly exercise of running, weightlifting, and football will have to be put on hold for some time. I am ...
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