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Questions on programming includes plans, guidelines and schedules for training and eating. Programming includes a number of principles including specificity, individuality, frequency, intensity, type of exercise, progressive overload, and variation. Programming is not limited to weight-lifting, rather, it is applicable to all fitness goals.

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Combining squats and deadlifts: do deadlifts on light or heavy squat day?

Currently I'm doing 3 workouts per week: Monday, Wednseday, Friday. There's two workout templates, A and B, which simply alternate. It's basically the StrongLifts 5x5 and Starting Strength approach. ...
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Follow-along videos for the most effective stretching routine

I'm looking to increase range of motion, primarily for certain lifts (e.g. back and front squat), for acro yoga (e.g. hamstrings), and general flexibility (e.g. for yoga). I've done some research into ...
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How would drinking carb blend after workout affect my weight lose program?

I have passed my bulking phase and have got a bit of muscle gain during that. From the beginning of this month, I starting the cutting phase with low calorie intake (about 1500 Cals a day - weight 5 ...
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Is there a minimum effective dose for increase in training?

According to Eric Cressey: "One of the more common mistakes the average weightlifter makes is training at more or less the same workload every week. Varying the workload from week to week is a ...
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Split routine into two-a-day workout schedule

I have been doing a 6 day/week push-pull-legs routine. I have one 90 minute gym session on each of those days. Recently my schedule has changed and I can only manage two 45 min gym sessions for 6 days/...
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How to stay fit and eat clean while being a college student?

I am a college student, and wanted to know since I am stuck with the meal plan, and don't have much income to go out and buy groceries every other weekend, what are good ways to eat healthy and how to ...
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Can walking be an effective way to gain muscle mass on the calves?

Recently I have been focusing on walking for steps, and moving more? With this the question popped in my head of if walking can increase muscle mass on the calves? If so is there a certain way to walk ...
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