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1 vote
1 answer

How long does it take to see results from increasing psoas flexibility

I'm in physical therapy for tight calves and achilles tendinopathy that is believed to have been caused by a tight psoas. I've been doing the psoas exercises for two weeks and while my hips are more ...
1 vote
2 answers

Does this exercise stretch hip flexors?

Unfortunately I can't find much information on this question anywhere. Hope someone here can help to clear things out. I know the classic exercise for hip flexor (psoas) stretch is the kneeling hip ...
5 votes
2 answers

Psoas Muscles Hurt Using Exercise Ball for a Chair

Will my psoas muscles stop hurting after using an exercise ball for a chair for a while? I've been using the exercise ball as a chair for about a week now 4 hours a day at work, and it seems that ...
7 votes
1 answer

Can psoas muscle cause lower back pain?

Can tight psoas muscle cause lower (lumbar) back pain? If yes, which exercise would be best to recover? Thanks. How do you differentiate if the pain in lower back is because of tight psoas or due to ...
2 votes
1 answer

How to use psoas in flutter kicks?

Exrx and other sources claim that flutter kicks are a good psoas exercise. My psoas are tight, and I use a tennis ball to loosen them up. When I do flutter kicks, I feel the workout in my hip ...
7 votes
3 answers

Strengthening and healing the psoas (leg-lifting) muscle

A few months ago I hurt my psoas muscle and a couple of ligaments around it. I've been off of it since then and it's been healing and I'd like to get back into the things that I had to quit. I'd ...