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How to calculate fat percentage in daily calorie intake from goal body fat percentage?

I was wondering how could one calculate the proportion of fat in daily calorie intake to achieve particular Body Fat Percentage and BMI goals. Let's take my own example, here are some details: Age / ...
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What macros ratio should I follow?

I'm a skinny fat guy. Height: 184 CM, weight: 81 kg, body fat: 15%, Shape: shitty. Right now I started lifting heavy, and I'm following a maintenance calories intake. But, I don't know how to ...
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I am 90 KGS plz help me to lose [duplicate]

My height is 5 11. In 2013 my weight is 65kg, after the delivery of my baby in 6. Months increased to 75kg, in 2015 Jan I got 88kg &. I went to weightloss center lost 7 kg in one year,then I ...
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How Much Protein Do I Need To Build Mass?

I am a female. 113 pounds. I am going to start working out because I want my butt to get bigger. I have whey protein. These are the questions I have: How much protein do I need overall in order to ...
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What's the difference between eating 2000 Calories at once compared to eating 4 times a day at 500 Calories? [closed]

I wonder is there any difference in how many times I eat per day? Let's say I eat one big meal in the morning at 2000 Cal (at 9am). Is that any different than having 4 meals at 500 Cal throughout the ...
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How does Vo2max dieting differ from normal gym more endurance-training dieting? How much intake is enough?

This is my second week of vo2max training where each week has 2 rest days. I train the whole body during the week. I need to eat a lot. If I am not eating enough, catabolism wakes me up. I already ...
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Need advice on current food intake

This week I started doing 1 hour of yoga and 30 minutes of mixed exercises every morning. I also started a diet but am a little confused regarding my food intake. Could I get a second opinion? Does ...
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How to maintain calorie with exercise

I have few doubt about calories. (3 questions) My measurement : Height 5 feet 11 inches Weight: 75 Kg Other than at my lower belly, I have not much visible fat in my body. Lets for an example, I ...
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Benefits of having low salt diet?

I am totally aware of the health benefits of having moderate amount of salt (Sodium) in a balanced diet and also down sides of having too much. However, I can see that, in so many healthy cooking ...
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