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Strategy for Max Heart Rate Hit when Running

I am a 51 year old non-competitive guy trying to run triathlons to stay healthy. The formulas say my max heart rate should be around 170, and despite the myths, I think that number is good for me. ...
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Feeling uneasy at 90-100 BPM and it takes time to lower it down

I've a sedentary life style, however, I'm trying to be more active recently. Whenever I do any activity with moderate intensity e.g. trimming plants, going up/down stairs, running even for a 200m or ...
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How can you determine each running heart rate zone using data from your runs or from specifically designed workouts?

What workouts can you do to determine each threshold between your heart rate zones? For example a lactate threshold pace can be determined by running as fast as possible for 30 minutes at a even pace....
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Does working other muscles improve recovery?

When you work out muscle group A on one day, and muscle group B on another day, does muscle group A benefit from the second workout? I don't mean overlap (e.g., working nearby muscle groups). Rather,...
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Heart rates and what they say about you?

A few years ago when training for a duathlon at school (swim, run) we had to train with heart rate monitors on to test what we could run at and how quickly we could drop it back down to a resting ...
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How to measure Recovery Heart Rate

First, How is recovery heart rate defined and measured? Second, What are good to poor values for comparison?
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