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The body rebuilding itself after injury or training stimulus.

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Combining squats and deadlifts: do deadlifts on light or heavy squat day?

Currently I'm doing 3 workouts per week: Monday, Wednseday, Friday. There's two workout templates, A and B, which simply alternate. It's basically the StrongLifts 5x5 and Starting Strength approach. ...
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How much time do I have to recover for a football match after intense bicycling for 6 hours as a delivery person?

I am working as a Uber Eats in my bicycle this work is really intense I need to be faster than my competitors with motorbikers, fast for my competitors no take my orders. I really like this job ...
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What are some preventives or palliatives for vocal cord strain (from "overuse")?

I am going to be delivering a lecture 75-80 minutes in length. In practicing it lately, I find that my throat/vocal cords are a little fatigued afterwards and sometimes during the rehearsal. I'm not ...
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Under What Conditions Will Muscles End Up Weaker After Work Out?

A very, very common situation for me is this - I work out, I rest, I come back weaker. A number of books/people have given reasons for this: Not enough sleep. Not enough protein. Frequency too high. ...
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Training frequency in relation to recovery and soreness

Currently I am training on a 3-day full body workout split. It alternates between two workouts (A/B) with different focus, though every major muscle group is still trained in every workout. I train ...
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Exercises to aid in recovery of trapezius muscle and provide future protection?

My upper back has been susceptible for years to get stiff or spasm when I do any sort of weights, typically for a few days. I've been told that totally resting a sore muscle is not ideal, rather very ...
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Rehabbing stubborn tendonosis

I've had tricep tendonosis for over 4 years. I've seen numerous physios and put countless hours of my own research into it. Most of my rehab efforts have been with slow tempo / eccentric exercises. ...
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the gristle in my knee after torn PCL

I have an unsettling gristly noise in my right knee when I squat (only when I squat thank God!) that's related to my torn PCL. I am just now getting my stabilizing muscles reactivated and thus full ...
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Foam roller and massage ball

I want to buy a foam roller and massage ball for self massage and myofascial release. What are things/features to look out for when buying these? Also, is it worth to invest in a known brand or do the ...
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What would be the effects of exercising (fairly regularly but) only on alternating weeks?

Suppose one goes to the gym and trains five times a week, and then doesn’t go at all, or even exercise very much the next week, before repeating this cycle. What would be the advantages and ...
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Recovery lifestyle such as training scheduling and dieting for gluten-intolerant endurance runner?

Gluten-intolerance has surprises such as supplements with gluten, non-gluten products with gluten-contamination and non-absorption of necessary building products such as proteins and vitamins to the ...
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How much significant growth occurs on rest days?

After the moment you wake up after a workout day how much actual significant muscle growth occurs in the 24 hours ahead? Or are rest days to prevent over training and full restoration of strength?
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