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Is it a good idea to reduce resistance with each set?

My workout is mostly tension-focused with two sets per exercise. I can't perform as well in my second sets so I'm kind of incentivised to cheat, not to do quality reps to the same extent as I do in my ...
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Reverse hip raises with weight on legs

After doing reverse hip raises for a few days, I am finding that to feel any tension in the legs, I need to hold the position for a long time. This quickly gets boring. So I want to increase the load, ...
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What exactly is Metabolic Resistance Training? How effective is it?

So I randomly came across this book by 50 Cent called, Formula 50: A 6-Week Workout and Nutrition Plan That Will Transform Your Life. Reading the table of contents I saw a chapter talking about MRT (...
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How to evaluate stationary bicycle resistance

I would like to understand how to evaluate the resistance range of a stationary bicycle before buying online, as I have maxed out the resistance on my current one. All of the bicycles I see online ...
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Resistance training and avoiding chronic injury: are squat/deadlift/bench safe?

My number one priority with resistance training is minimising the risk of chronic damage to my body over decades of lifting weights. I have found lots of conflicting information on this, and a lack of ...
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Over a 24 hour cycle does weight/resistance training increase hunger more or less than high intensity interval training (HIIT)?

I'm aware that HIIT training suppresses appetite more significantly than weight/resistance training during and just after workout. I can't find much eveidence for its effect on appetite over a 12, 24 ...
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Are all resistance bands the same?

I am planning to buy a resistance band to do weighted pushups, stretching and assisted pull ups. Are all resistance bands the same? Will they all give me the same resistance/assitance? Like, if I buy ...
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Adding Muscle Mass using "NO LOAD" resistance training [closed]

Updated : Bret gets it. LOL Regarding the small sample size. You do realize how common studies of less than 20 people are? Large RTC studies are ...
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ankle weights for glutes

i've been reading about ankle weights. And i was wondering if they really help for glute exercise. Also, if my thighs are gonna be bigger. If you have an experience, please, share!
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What's the purpose of this adjustment on the rower?

My club has a rower. It has an adjustment on the side that looks like this: I see other people using the rower with the adjustment set up high (7-10). I asked the trainer and he said, that sets the ...
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Am I doing the right amount of volume for biceps? [closed]

I know biceps are small muscle group and they can recover quickly. I do 5 to 11 sets with different exercises(these sets contain dropsets) My workout log looks like this:- Warm up sets: Set 1:2kg db ...
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Increasing resistance vs increasing speed?

I am new to HIIT and would like to gain the most our of it. I mostly do indoor cycling for my HIIT workouts. As I am progressing, it is better to increase resistance or increase speed ? Use case : ...
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Resistance bands: What do the resistance ranges of "X to Y" pounds mean?

If you look at the typical product description of a resistance band (Amazon is a good place to see a lot of these), you'll see that nearly all of them give a range of resistance. For example, one ...
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Good resistance bands for the office?

I work a distance from home and find it difficult to commit to getting to the gym after work, which I'm trying to do because I want to build more muscle. I was thinking that a good, strong resistance ...
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Benefits of Squatting from bottom position as rest position

So I was just thinking I got a home gym set up, and I can't really approach the bar under a power-rack as of I just clean it up over my head. I was interested in doing a back squat. But this ...
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Will doing wall sits slow down my running?

The wall sit, or Roman chair, is an exercise designed to strengthen the quadriceps. As such, it should increase muscle mass. However, how will doing such an exercise consistently affect my running? I....
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Carry dumbbells while running [duplicate]

Recently I have been training hard for my marathons and I feel that it may not be enough to become a champion. So I came up with the idea of carrying weight while running. I have got 2 dumbbells each ...
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What equipment can I buy that will build muscle mass and fit in a suitcase

I'm traveling abroad for a year, and I'm wondering if anybody has good experience with portable workout equipment such as resistance bands or suspension systems
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Is it possible to effectively build muscle mass using resistance bands?

I will be living in Africa for the next year, with little access to a gym. I was thinking about purchasing a portable gym resistance band set, but I'm skeptical of the efficacy of resistance bands in ...
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Implications of the fact that resistance bands doesn't provide constant force for pull throughs and in general

Some time ago I asked a question about how to replace deadlifts with resistance bands: Resistance band deadlifts. One point was that the resistance band doesn't offer a constant resistance but it ...
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How to convert hanging hand grip strength to pounds per square inch?

I know the title may be off putting such as the matter of this question, but is there any reasonable way to find out how strong one's crushing hand grip strength is from the amount of weight ...
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Can I estimate a real world speed using a Cycling Machine in the Gym?

I am training to do a charity cycle ride and I want to supplement my road training with some work on a cycle machine in the gym. My difficulty is that I don't know what to set the resistance level to ...
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Weighted Ruck Marches / Hiking for Aerobic Exercise

I've grown incredibly bored with your more traditional cardio exercises: running, swimming, cycling, elliptical, et cetera. I'm traditionally a weight lifter, but the aerobic side is suffering due ...
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Is increasing resistance the only possibility to build more muscle mass?

I've often read and heard that you can only build more muscle-mass (get stronger), if you continuously increase the resistance weights (e.g. here). But for me, it's the case that I'm often not able ...
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Post workout carbs

The general advice is that after resistance training you should consume plenty of simple carbs to spike your insulin level and thus help getting nutrients to your muscles (and to replenish your ...
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Weight vs resistance

I've always heard hardcore lifters saying that resistance is not the same as weight. Bascially that 100lb of resistance is not equal to 100lbs of weight. Imagine a bowflex vs a cable machine. I'd ...
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