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The Resistance band is used to increase range of motion and movement such as increasing jumping high. The band works by making the body work harder on the areas where the bands are attached and by making more tears for the body to repair and build muscle.

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Do unused tube bands expire?

I have a set of unused resistance tube bands that has been sitting in the box for years. Visually inspecting the bands, they appear pliable and show no signs of cracking. Are these safe to use, or ...
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Correct form for: seated palms down dumbell wrist curl [closed]

I saw some videos and instructions on how to do seated palms down dumbbell wrist curl while sitting on a seat and doing it using a resistance tube. I found the following three differences. The ...
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Types of Excercises with my Particular Excercise Band

40 in Resistance Band I have the preceding resistance band I was wondering what type of exercises I can do with it. So far I have been doing overhead resistance pull apart, and a biceps curl for ...
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Excercise Band Excerises

I need some advice on safety and resistance band exercises. I have a resistance band, and it is smaller than me because I saw one person doing an exercise in which the resistance band was on their ...
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Resistance band too tight on palm

I have a resistance band and I'm finding that it gets too tight on my palm when I pull. It gets wrinkled up and hurts my palm. How do I mitigate this?
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How to make a slow walking burn more calories?

I walk with my kid. If I walk at her speed, I cannot exercise enough. If she runs with me, she cannot last long. If I run and she walks, she is out of my sight and may be dangerous. I am looking for a ...
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Resistance bands strengths

Not sure if this would actually be the correct place to ask this (perhaps math or physics?). Say I have some resistance bands (to help doing pull ups). Green band is marked as being able to assist ...
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How to determine the resistance of resistance bands when it is not marked

I just bought a set of 3 resistance bands: yellow 5#, green 15#, & blue 15#. I'm wondering, is this the amount of pounds they represent when fully stretched? I saw another post and someone ...
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I don't understand the difference between banded squats and reverse band squats

I've recently bought some resistance bands to use along with my barbell. For Squats there seems to be two main ways to do this. Banded Squats where the bands are attached to the bar from the base of a ...
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Resistance bands [duplicate]

I need some advice regaurding resistance bands. I am thinking of buying one of them (and only one probably). I want it to develop muscles. I am not able to perform bodyweight exercises properly as my ...
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Resistance bands: What do the resistance ranges of "X to Y" pounds mean?

If you look at the typical product description of a resistance band (Amazon is a good place to see a lot of these), you'll see that nearly all of them give a range of resistance. For example, one ...
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How do I know if I am using my resistance cord in the right way?

I have a new set of Resistance cord that I bought. I am exercising regularly with it, but then how do I know if I am using it in the correct way? Let us say that I am doing the squat with it. I ...
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Is it possible to effectively build muscle mass using resistance bands?

I will be living in Africa for the next year, with little access to a gym. I was thinking about purchasing a portable gym resistance band set, but I'm skeptical of the efficacy of resistance bands in ...
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What is the resistance band's elastic length

I have a new set of Resistance cord that I bought. Assuming that all brand resistance tubes are quite similar, what is the length of extension that I can give to it? Each cord is of 4 feet length. ...
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