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Swimwear to prevent thigh chafing while swimming in the ocean

I've recently been swimming in the ocean, and I've been chafing high on my inner thighs. (This isn't chafing related to drying off afterward, or walking around in wet swimwear. It's just happening as ...
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Bhastrika Pranayama and lung expansion exercises what is the upper safe limit, 500 per day too bad?

I have hyperventilation issues in my lungs, so every 2Km that I swim I need to give a break. Otherwise I can't keep the cardio cycle, may be not a physical limit but a psychological one. However the ...
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Why ear pain in diving

i know a man that facing problems with his ears when he diving on sea(after 4 meters deep).He has pain a lot in ears.Its weird,isnt it?. Its not only in sea diving but also in aeroplane.Facing ...
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Drowning in the sea when swimming [closed]

Drowning in the sea is a common phenomenon in Summer. I have heard a lot of things about why it may happen, and I have searched on the Internet, but I've found a lot of different answers. I will ask a ...
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Minimum water temperature for swimming workout

What is the minimum water temperature for swimming workouts, like 1-2 km swims? I love swimming in lakes and rivers and am generally okay with cooler water (especially if swimming intensely), but I'm ...
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Dealing with ankle cramps in open water

I sometimes get cramps in my ankles when swimming freestyle. What are some good strategies for dealing with them during an open water race? Preventative measures would also be of interest.
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What is the best way of getting into open water swimming?

I am considering training for a triathlon and wondered what the best approach is when starting out with open water swimming? Also would you recommend buying a wetsuit straight away? Does it tend to ...
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Drills for sea swimming

Has anyone got experience swimming in the sea? I live in India and the sea near my house is Bay of Bengal. This sea is madly violent. Crossing the initial waves is really tough. Being the first day ...
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