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Does flutter kicks effects sexual health?

I am 31 year old, Male and unmarried with weight 83 kgs of height 5ft 8inch. I addicted to abdominal workouts like Flutter kicks. Does this abdominal workouts effect sexual health? I feel Flutter ...
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Weed, sex and gym

I have very simple question - Is it bad to have sex and/or get high after gym? How those activities affect gains and mass growth? Thanks a lot!
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Does masturbation cause muscle loss? [duplicate] According to TigerFitness, masturbation: 1.Lowers testosterone. 2.Is catabolic like HIIT training, and eats away at muscle tissue. 3....
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Does sexual arousal really release testerone? [closed]

So I have been told that the more sexual stimulation created by a male, the more testosterone his body produces. Is this true?
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How can women live without Testosterone [closed]

I read that men experience degraded fitness under testosterone deficiency. There are ways to support it in norm. But what about the woman. How can they stay so vivid at much lower testosterone levels? ...
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Workout to prolong erection?

I just want to know if it is possible to prolong an erection with the help of workouts. Are there any specific exercises that can be done to help with this?
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What is the effect of masturbation on weightlifitng ability?

For years I'm listening from everyone that we have to stop masturbation and also limit sex as it let down process of gaining muscle. Also everyone in gym suggests me to completely stop masturbation. ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Is there a biological reason for women to be weaker than men (in the same weight category)?

Are women weaker than men because of something biological, or cultural, or both? Men do have predispositions to be higher and heavier, but let's compare equal weight categories (a 70kg man against a ...
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Effect of Sex/Male Orgasm on Athletic Performance

"Women weaken legs." -- Mickey from Rocky I I've often heard and have been told from coaches even that one should abstain from any sexual activity, irrespective of whether it is manual or with a ...
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Can Sex be counted as a form of cardio?

So I am on this 12 week transformation by Kris Gethin, and I am supposed to do 20mins of cardio twice a day, every day. So I'm thinking of alternatives of climbing stairs, running ,etc. So I thought ...
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